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False Prophet Benny Hinn “Prays” For His Critics, “Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do”

by | May 16, 2024 | Apostasy, News, Opinion, Religion, The Church

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Last week, I reported that well-known prosperity gospel charlatan, Benny Hinn, had once again “repented” of his false gospel—a publicity stunt he’s performed time and time again. And I also pointed out that his latest charade was just another example of a dog returning to its own vomit. Each time he “repents,” he follows it up with the same nonsense, bilking his followers for money while selling them a false hope more akin to snake oil than anything remotely resembling the gospel.

Yet, Charisma is as Charisma does…and doesn’t. And Charisma Magazine has absolutely no discernment. Charisma Magazine recently published an article that, of course, portrayed Benny Hinn in a positive light. The article, which follows a podcast between Hinn and Charismas’s founder, Steven Strang, talks about Hinn’s “prayers” for his critics.

Here’s Hinn’s “prayer” and what Charisma writes:

Hinn’s prayer began with the understanding of the power of forgiveness. He focused on the fact that even Jesus forgave us during His crucifixion. He prayed that we may be able to forgive in this same manner.

Lord, thank you, first, for your grace and thank you for your love and mercy on all of us. And dearest Jesus, when you hung on the cross you said, ‘Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.’ And Lord, today we forgive those who have spoken against us and said things that should not have been said against us. But Lord, we forgive and we love.

Hinn then concluded his prayer by asking God to pour out blessing, strength and victory on His people.

 Precious Jesus, I pray you will bless your people, strengthen your people, bless your people daily with your presence. Give them a mighty hunger for your Word to know you through Your Word. Lord, I pray that they will live victorious, daily in this hour. In Jesus mighty name.

Behind these so-called prayers, though, lies a sinister motive and a deeply troubling reality. Benny Hinn has spent decades masquerading as a shepherd of the gospel, a faux “faith healer,” deceiving countless followers with promises of miraculous cures and divine financial blessings. His ministry has amassed a fortune by preying on the undiscerning and desperate, all while promoting a perverted version of the gospel that is devoid of any power to save.

Notice here, that Hinn prays not for his own forgiveness, but as though he is above others, setting himself up on par with Christ, prays for the forgiveness of others, claiming that his critics “know not what they do.”

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His “prayer” is nothing more than a cynical attempt to deflect legitimate criticism and maintain his facade. As Justin Peters pointed out, his prayers “go no further than the ceiling.” If Hinn were truly repentant, he would step down from ministry immediately. Genuine repentance involves humility and accountability—he would have no problem submitting himself to a solid, Bible-teaching church and sitting under sound doctrinal instruction, far away from the public eye. Instead, Hinn continues to promote himself, clinging to the spotlight that has sustained his charlatanry for years.

Charisma Magazine giving Benny Hinn a platform is unsurprising, yet deeply troubling. By doing so, they lend credibility to his false teachings and enable him to continue misleading people. But what should we expect from a publication that praises openly homosexual “worship artists”?

Steven Strang, like many in the charismatic movement, demonstrates a woeful lack of discernment. True discernment requires testing teachings against the clear and authoritative Word of God. Benny Hinn is a charlatan of the highest order and the trash he espouses fails this test on every front. His ministry is a blight on the church, exploiting the name of Christ for personal gain while leading many astray with a false gospel. It’s not news and it’s not like Strang isn’t aware of this. He just doesn’t care.

What makes this even more concerning is the broader implications for the body of Christ. When high-profile platforms like Charisma Magazine fail to exercise discernment, they not only enable false teachers but also confuse and mislead their readers.

The Apostle Paul warned of such false teachers in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, describing them as “false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.” Benny Hinn fits this description perfectly. His long history of false prophecies, failed healings, and extravagant lifestyle should be enough to disqualify him from any semblance of ministry. Yet, he persists, and publications like Charisma Magazine help him continue his deceit.

We must call out false teachers and the faux platforms that support them. We need to hold fast to sound doctrine, grounded in Scripture, and reject these false teachers who pervert the grace of God into sensuality, for personal gain, and for self-promotion. The most loving thing we can do for those deceived by false teachers is to expose the lies and point them to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Hinn’s prayer is a hollow gesture, lacking true repentance. His continued prominence is a stain on the church, enabled by undiscerning platforms like Charisma Magazine.

Are you following and being deceived by such false prophets? In the words of our Lord and Savior as recorded by Luke, “except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

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