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Daystar Co-Founder Exploits Ministry Funds and Jet for Lavish Romantic Getaways

by | May 16, 2024 | Apostasy, Cult, Evangelism, News, Opinion, Religion, The Church

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It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the shenanigans that these prosperity charlatans continue to perpetrate, especially with the latest revelations about the extravagant misuse of ministry funds and assets in false prophet, Joni Lamb’s ministry. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the fascination with such people—they contribute absolutely nothing to the body of Christ.

According to an investigation by the Trinity Foundation, Lamb has been using Daystar Television Network’s ministry jet for personal jaunts to visit her fiancé (now husband) and to their new condo.

The cost of these trips? An eye-watering $769,220.

To normal people, unblinded by the sickening gaze of Word of Faith hucksters promising perfect health and unattainable wealth to anyone willing to sow coin-shaped seeds of faith into their coffers, this is a blatant abuse of donor money—money that desperate, but willing participants have given, expecting it to provide returns multi-fold, not fund Lamb’s personal life.

For years, Lamb has presented herself as a spiritual shepherd, pretending to lead her followers with messages of faith and righteousness. But behind the scenes, she has been living a life of luxury on the ministry’s dime. The flights, documented meticulously by the Trinity Foundation, reveal a pattern of personal indulgence that is deeply hypocritical, yet unsurprising.

Joni Lamb, a fraud masquerading as a Christian leader, has long duped her followers into believing she is a stalwart of Christian media. She and her late husband, Marcus Lamb, co-founded Daystar Television Network in 1997, building it into one of the largest faith-based networks globally, reaching billions of homes around the world.

Since the mid-1980s, Lamb has manipulated her way through Christian television, leveraging her roles as a television executive, producer, singer, author, and talk show host to project an image of devout piety. Her daily talk show, “Joni Table Talk,” is celebrated for addressing contemporary issues from a so-called Christian perspective, raking in multiple awards including Daytime Emmy nominations and Telly Awards—a testament to her cunning ability to masquerade her true intentions under the guise of religious devotion

Daystar Television Network, like many large religious organizations, enjoys significant financial support from its followers—people who give sacrificially, believing that their contributions will land them hefty rewards in exchange for supporting charity.

Instead, they have been funding Lamb’s romantic escapades.

One of the most troubling aspects of these endless scandals in the Word of Faith movement is the lack of transparency and accountability. Daystar Television Network, unlike many nonprofits, does not file IRS Form 990 according to Trinity Foundation, which would provide some level of financial disclosure. This lack of oversight allows for the kind of unchecked spending that Lamb has been engaged in. Without mandatory reporting, there is little to prevent other leaders from following her example, using ministry resources for personal gain under the cover of religious activity—and they do. In fact, it’s par for the course for these faux “ministries.”

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The implications of this misuse of funds are far-reaching. It undermines the credibility of the true Church, even though these churches are false, and casts doubt on the integrity of other ministries that genuinely use their resources for good causes. Not to mention, it erodes the trust of donors.

The sheer scale of Lamb’s spending is staggering. The $769,220 spent on flights could have funded and supported countless missionaries or been used to provide benevolence to those truly in need. Instead, it financed a lavish lifestyle that is foreign to the biblical portrait of a shepherd and the humility and self-sacrifice that Christianity espouses. This kind of financial mismanagement is not just a betrayal of donor trust but a moral failing demonstrating Lamb’s selfish ambitions.

You can read the full report at this link: https://trinityfi.org/investigations/using-the-ministry-jet-for-romance-daystars-joni-lamb-visited-fiance-now-husband-and-new-condo-on-ministry-jet/

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