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Another Southern Baptist Megachurch Ordains Woman to Pastorate

by | May 16, 2024 | Apostasy, News, Opinion, Religion, Social-Issues

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Another Southern Baptist Church is lifting its proverbial middle finger to the Scriptures, to the Baptist Faith and Message, and to God Himself, in rebellion by ordaining women to the pastorate. Bayou Church in Lafayette, with its brazen defiance, has decided to license Carol Mills as their executive pastor, blatantly ignoring the clear biblical mandates that restrict such roles to men.

During the ordination service, Pastor Sean called Carol and her husband Mike to the stage, lavishing praise on her 25 years of service and leadership. Sean, in what can only be described as a gross misinterpretation of divine calling, announced that after extensive prayer, studying God’s word, and consulting other leaders, they were officially licensing Carol as the executive pastor of Bayou Church.

He claimed this decision wasn’t merely his or Carol’s idea but a God-ordained assignment. Sean extolled her many “gifts,” “character,” and “impact on the community,” insisting that she deserved the title she had been functionally serving as. He expressed his desire to honor her by making her the first licensed female pastor on their staff despite the clear scriptural prohibitions against women serving as pastors.

This moment of rebellion by Bayou Church demonstrates the urgent need for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to reaffirm the Mike Law Amendment in the upcoming June 2024 meeting. The Mike Law Amendment aims to solidify the SBC’s stance on disallowing women in pastoral roles, aligning with the biblical teachings and the Baptist Faith and Message. While some SBC leaders and presidential nominees, like Bruce Frank and Mike Keahbone, contend that such an amendment is redundant, the arrogance of Bayou Church’s move illustrates precisely why it is essential. Without definitive and enforceable guidelines, other churches will follow this path of rebellion, further eroding the doctrinal integrity of the SBC than it already is.

The ordination of women to pastoral positions is not a matter of cultural relevance or progressive thinking—it is a matter of obedience to God’s Word. Scriptures such as 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 explicitly restrict pastoral authority to men. Bayou Church’s foolishness to ignore these commands is a clear display of disobedience, undermining the biblical foundation upon which the SBC stands. This kind of doctrinal misgendering, if you will, must be confronted and corrected to maintain true unity and faithfulness of the SBC.

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The upcoming vote on the Mike Law Amendment is critical. Its passage will reaffirm the SBC’s commitment to biblical principles and signal a refusal to capitulate to cultural pressures. Churches like Bayou must be reminded that their ultimate authority is the Word of God, not societal trends or personal preferences. The SBC must remain steadfast, ensuring that its churches uphold the scriptural model for leadership, preserving the integrity and doctrinal purity that have long defined the denomination, and those who refuse must be held accountable.

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