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“Family Friendly” Drag Clown “Pastor” Compares Himself to Peter While Complaining The Church Has Harmed Queer People

by | May 10, 2024 | Apostasy, Cult, LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, Video

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Allendale United Methodist “Church” is already under fire for allowing minors to attend a drag queen show during its worship service, blatantly disregarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s legislation that prohibits exposing children to sexualized performances.

One particularly egregious instance in 2022 involved Isaac Simmons, also known as drag queen “Ms. Pennycost,” who is now an ordained “pastor” or “priestess” or whatever in the UMC. Simmons openly challenges the authority of  Scripture and adopts a heretical view of God, evident through his sacrilegious writings.

In their most recent display of egregious sex cult aberrant behavior, this place, calling itself a “church,” platforms a drag clown who goes by the name of Momma Ashley Rose to compare himself to the Apostle Peter while complaining that the church harms queer people because they don’t affirm sodomy.

And I think for us as humans, we forget that when we give our hearts or open our heart to people, that there takes a certain amount of vulnerability. You know, Peter had to be vulnerable. He had to be vulnerable, first of all, to remember that he had already denied Jesus and he had already made these mistakes and Jesus is like, do you love me?

He had to be broken and vulnerable. And you have to be, whether it’s spiritual, whether it’s friendship, whether it’s relationship, whether it’s even just a daily interaction with someone that you may work with.

That vulnerability is important. And we as people who are broken, human nature is broken, you know. As a queer person, as a drag performer, my friends that are trans people that are performers, they were broken.

The church broke them. Families broke them. Society, political agendas have broken them and have torn them down and caused so much pain and heartache. And it’s hard as a queer person when you stand and whether a congregation or even in your home, in your hometown, to know that there are people that look at you differently because you are different.

That you may love someone who may be the same gender or that you may not even love someone. It is a hard thing. And I can tell you that that brokenness and that vulnerability can create some amazing things.

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I hate to have to break this to these people, but Peter’s “brokenness,” if you want to call it that, led to his repentance and faith. But these people are dead in their sins, unrepentant, and on their way to Hell. Peter is absolutely nothing like these clowns, and if he could face any of them today, I could only imagine how harsh his words would be for them. Just read his epistles, and you will see.

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