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Witch “Pastor” Complains that Nurses Try to Save Babies Who Survive Botched Second-Trimester Abortions

by | May 9, 2024 | Abortion, Apostasy, Cult, Feminism, heresy, News, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, Video

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Rebecca Todd, a “Presbyterian” “pastor” who is most notable for preaching a pro-abortion sermon wearing a Planned Parenthood stole celebrating her own abortions, recently preached a sermon complaining that some nurses attempt to save the lives of babies who survive a botched abortion.

During a July 9, 2023, “service” of the Community Church of Chapel Hill, Unitarian Universalist, Todd preached a sermon complaining about how nurses sometimes try to save the lives of babies who survived a botched, second-trimester abortion.

These leftists constantly complain about how the “old, white men” are the problem in our society, the ones “making decisions” about “women’s bodies,” and stupid stuff like that. But interestingly, her audience appears to be made up of only elderly white people, obviously, liberals, because normal people couldn’t stomach the vomit she’s spewing from her mouth.

I did a research project about 18 years ago where I interviewed women who had second-trimester abortions for wanted pregnancies, where they were fetal anomalies. And those decisions were wrenching for many of those women.

But they also recognized that it was a blessing that they could end those pregnancies, that it would have been torture if they’d been forced to continue a pregnancy that they knew wasn’t viable. I had one woman who told me she didn’t have her procedure in Virginia because she’d been told that nurses there, many of these women, had labor and delivery.

When you’re very far along, it’s often labor and delivery. And if she labored and delivered and the child breathed, they would take it away from her and do everything they could to save it. Even though the circumstances of what was going to happen with that child’s life, or however many months it was able to live, were not something that she and her husband wanted to put that child through, right?

So there are ways and situations where abortion is truly a blessing for people.

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