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Far-Left Activists Create New Distorted Children’s Bible Claiming to Preserve the Historical Content and Meaning

by | May 8, 2024 | Apostasy, News, Opinion, Religion, The Church

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If you’re alarmed by the prospect of radical leftists warping the minds of our children with their distorted, anti-biblical narratives, then brace yourself for the children’s Bible project led by Peter Enns and Shane Claiborne as well as other far-left social activists. The left’s promise to “come for your children” doesn’t end in the streets of secularism—it’s pervasive all throughout the Church, too.

The authors of this new “children’s bible,” dubbed as “scholars” and “experts,” claim to honor and illuminate the Bible’s ancient contexts and encourage engagement through playful storytelling, yet their deception abounds. As with all leftists, they cannot win people to their side with honesty and truth, and have to distort and disguise their views as something less sinister. And here, they are more focused on post-modernizing the text to fit contemporary culture and promoting heresy than preserving the historical truths of the Bible.

So who exactly are these people? Peter Enns is an influential but controversial God-hating leftist who is known for his critical approach to Scripture that contradicts traditional evangelical views on biblical inerrancy and authority. Shane Claiborne, another key contributor to this project, promotes a radical form of Christianity that exchanges the gospel for social activism while attempting to deconstruct from historic, orthodox biblical doctrines.

The Bible for Normal People, under whose banner this children’s Bible is being produced, is known for its podcasts and resources that frequently challenge orthodox Christian teachings. Together, these elements form a coalition aimed at rebranding Christianity to something foreign to Scripture, embracing aberrant doctrines around sexuality and morality, all under the guise of making them more accessible.

This initiative is an egregious attempt to undermine the authority of Scripture by dressing up progressive ideologies as biblical truth. They are not merely interpreting the Bible through a modern lens, they are rewriting it to suit their own anti-Christian agendas, diluting the gospel, the doctrine of sin, and divine justice.

Every parent and church leader must recognize this project for what it is—an aggressive push to transform young, impressionable minds against the true, uncompromising Word of God. So be aware of what’s out there, and what people are giving your children, and stand firm in protecting our children from such deceitful reinterpretations and ensure they grow up with a solid foundation in the genuine teachings of Scripture.

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