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Canada Proposes Legislation That Would Imprison Christians for Posting Religious Opinion Deemed “Hate Speech” Online

by | May 8, 2024 | News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, The Church, World

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Canada’s recent legislative effort, Bill C-63, ostensibly aims to combat online harms, including what it defines as “hate speech.” But let’s face it, we know where this is going. As with all leftists, the end goal is to silence conservatives, especially Christians.

The bill includes provisions that could easily interpret traditional biblical views on sexual morality as hate speech. The definition of “hate speech” within Bill C-63, as proposed in the Online Harms Act, is particularly concerning due to its broad scope which would ultimately include expressions of biblical views on sexual immorality. According to the bill, “hate speech” includes content that “foments hatred” which is defined as expressions that vilify an individual or group based on prohibited grounds of discrimination and, given the context, are likely to foment detestation or vilification.

This definition’s vagueness would indeed render conservative biblical perspectives on sexuality and morality as “hate speech” if they are perceived to “vilify” or “detest” based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This is not just an infringement on free expression—it’s a direct assault on Christianity and the Church. Such interpretations could lead to penalizing individuals for expressing their religious beliefs, thus posing a serious threat to religious freedom.

The ramifications for those holding to biblical views of morality are severe, potentially classifying the expression of these views as illegal under Canadian law. The amendments to the Criminal Code proposed in the bill increase the maximum penalties for incitement of hate, with the new provisions allowing for imprisonment terms of up to five years. This approach seems to align with a troubling trend of diminishing space for religious dialogue in public discourse, especially when such dialogue contradicts pop culture dogma.

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Yet, this clearly isn’t about protecting people from discrimination, it has nothing at all to do with that and we all know it. It’s about policing morality according to a secular, progressive standard while silencing objection to sexual immorality so perverts can deaden their consciences against the pervasive call of repentance. The ramifications for biblical Christianity are severe—it threatens the very heart of religious expression and dialogue. By categorizing religious speech as criminal, the bill would certainly deter Christians from sharing their faith online.

And now they want to punish Christians for their beliefs. This isn’t just a slippery slope—it’s a leap toward silencing any dissenting views that challenge the collective conscience on sexual immorality. In a country where freedom of speech isn’t as robustly protected as in the U.S., at least in theory, this bill marks a significant setback for Christians in Canada.

It’s especially important to recognize these implications and voice opposition now before it is too late. This bill does nothing to protect people, it only harms people—physically and spiritually. But more importantly, it’s a challenge to the very principles of free speech and religious liberty.

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