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NAMB Training Manual Might Be the Most Brazen Demonstration of Wokeness in the SBC Yet

by | May 6, 2024 | Apostasy, DEI, News, Opinion, Politics, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social Unrest, Social-Issues, US

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Even though we all know the Southern Baptist Convention is woke, it seems like every day we see another example of just how pervasive this evil is in these churches. Over the years, we’ve uncovered garbage from SBC pastors like David Platt, Matt Chandler, and many others pushing various forms of critical theory and woke social justice tripe. But most of that simply demonstrates just how feeble-minded and non-thinking most pastors and church leaders who buy into this stuff really are.

However, in the document below, you would not believe the extent to which supposedly Bible-believing congregations are now funding what can only be described as a baptized brand of Marxism.

Over the last several years, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has increasingly embraced woke ideologies, despite many of its leaders continuing to stick their heads in the sand over this. This creeping influence is most brazenly evident in a training manual recently uncovered from the North American Mission Board’s “Send Philly” event in 2019. What’s particularly alarming is that these ideologies are being funded by the tithes and offerings of mostly unknowing churchgoers who are being deliberately lied to—dollars that should go towards spreading the gospel, not social theories.

The “Send Philly” curriculum typifies this new direction. Wrapped in the language of urban ministry and outreach, the content is steeped in concepts drawn straight from Critical Race Theory and social justice narratives. These are ideologies that are in direct conflict with the Bible, focusing on societal structures and collective guilt rather than individual sin and redemption.

One of the central themes of this curriculum is an obsession with the “marginalized.” While the Bible does call Christians to care for the oppressed and the needy, this manual shifts the focus toward a secular understanding of oppression. It categorizes individuals not by their spiritual needs or their common identity in Christ but by their socio-economic status, ethnicity, and other worldly metrics. The document dilutes the message of salvation and individual transformation to a message of social reform and systemic restructuring.

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In one section, the material discusses “marginalized peoples” in the context of Matthew 25:31-46, twisting Scripture to support a narrative that prioritizes social identity and earthly justice over spiritual regeneration and heavenly justice. It portrays Jesus not primarily as the Savior from sin but as a social reformer, which is a misrepresentation of His mission and the Gospel.

Worse, this manual ventures into areas like systemic racism, environmental oppression, and modern-day slavery—terms loaded with political connotations and underpinned by a worldview that sees “systemic sin” as the root of all societal evils. The curriculum advocates for a form of activism that aligns more closely with leftist political thought than with pastoral ministry or evangelism.

To see tithes being used for promoting such views is distressing as Christians should see their contributions not as just financial gifts but as offerings to God for the purpose of furthering His kingdom—not for advancing a secular agenda cloaked in Christian rhetoric. The misalignment between the financial stewardship of these resources and the theological direction being pursued raises serious questions about accountability and the future direction of the SBC.

Yet, this is where Southern Baptists continue to spend their hard-earned money. What is the return? Are we winning souls or simply appeasing the culture—the far left pagan culture? The infiltration of woke ideology into the SBC through training programs like “Send Philly” reveals a troubling trend. It’s not just about a theological mission drift but about a fundamental restructuring in how the church understands and carries out its mission.

Here are some pages from the manual:

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