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Abortion and the Proliferation of Wicked Rulers is the Death Sentence on a Nation

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Abortion, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, US

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The Bible speaks much to the truth that God’s judgment on nations manifests in many ways, especially in rampant sexual immorality. In fact, Romans 1 teaches that sexual immorality is one of the only sins by which the sin itself is the judgment, a sobering reality that unveils the depths of divine displeasure. This scripture, penned by the Apostle Paul, serves as a grim reminder, a mirror reflecting the consequence of a society’s collective rebellion against God’s moral order.

As the chapter unfolds, it becomes evident that when a nation turns from God, He gives them over to degrading passions, illustrating the chilling truth that the proliferation of such immorality is both a sign and a product of God’s judgment.

The text paints a vivid picture of a downward spiral, where the suppression of truth leads to a darkened understanding, and the sinful human heart, unmoored from its Creator, is entangled in the chains of its own sinful desires. The exchange of natural relations for those that are contrary to nature signifies a relinquishing to the very vices that signal a society’s unraveling, under the weight of its own iniquitous choices.

But the ultimate judgment on humanity is death.

Tracing the origins of this judgment takes us back to the pristine Garden of Eden, where the initial rebellion against God’s command introduced mortality into the human experience. Romans 6:23 drives the point home with piercing clarity: the wages of sin is death.

This profound yet simple truth encapsulates the tragic commerce of sin—where the currency of disobedience purchases the grave consequence of death. And God, in Proverbs 8:36, warns that “all who hate me love death,” framing the preference for sin as a perverse affection for destruction, a love affair with the very thing that opposes the source of life.

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Transitioning from the ancient scriptural context to the contemporary theater of American politics, one cannot help but discern echoes of the ancient warnings in the present. A cursory glance at Donald Trump’s recent tweet reveals a nation in tension, straddling the chasm between its professed values and the political machinations aimed at securing power.

Here, the “lesser of two evils,” Donald Trump, has clearly conveyed and solidified his support for “abortion rights”—the right to murder children:

Despite the momentous judicial shift following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the tendrils of a so-called “abortion right” continue to entrench themselves within the fabric of society. The assertion of exceptions in the abortion debate, even among those who wear the “pro-life” badge, is symptomatic of a deeper malaise. This is not mere political compromise but rather a capitulation to a culture of death—a movement that has, in its essence, become a hallmark of societal decay and a clear indicator of judgment.

How much lower can a nation descend into death but one that systematically murders children and calls it a “right”? We often point to the Democrats and blame them for the proliferation of death in our culture, but the reality is that the love of death has permeated everywhere.

The grim reality is that every justification for abortion is ultimately a justification for death. It is a dire miscalculation to think that the ethical quagmire of abortion can be navigated with exceptions that try to temper its horror. There is no temperance in death, no moderation in murder. Abortion stands as an abomination before a holy God, a direct affront to the giver of life. It represents the very antithesis of the biblical command to choose life, so that both you and your descendants may live.

In this climactic moment in our nation’s history, it is essential for those who revere the sanctity of life to stand resolute and unwavering. To do otherwise is to consent to a culture that not only tolerates but celebrates death, all while cloaking it in the guise of “women’s rights” and “bodily autonomy.” The only means to recalibrate our society’s moral compass is through repentance and faith in the savior, Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of biblical truth and the divine mandate upon which the sanctity of life firmly stands.

The path forward for a nation under judgment is not through the corridors of political power but through repentance and a return to the laws of God, to the sanctity of life that He has ordained. In a world torn asunder by the ravages of sin, the call to be bearers of life, truth, and light is not just an option—it is a command. And as history has shown time and again, nations that disregard this God-breathed directive do so at their peril. The biblical record is clear: life is sacred, death is the enemy, and the battle for the soul of a nation is fought in the arena of these eternal truths.

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