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Christ is King!

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Opinion, Religion, The Church, Theology

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The phrase, “Christ is King!” has become taboo in our times with even professing Christians on social media complaining that the usage of the phrase is a form of bigotry and supremacy. Yet, the phrase itself is foundational to Christianity, and we must not allow ourselves to be caught in the tripe of anti-Christian narratives. From the dawn of creation, the Scriptures herald the reign of Christ, not merely as a concept to be unveiled in the New Testament, but as a truth etched into the very foundation of history. In the Old Testament’s sacred narrative, every shadow, every type, every prophecy reveals His sovereignty.

From the biblical record of Abraham and Isaac—a narrative that echoes through the ages as a powerful prelude to the Father’s ultimate sacrifice—we see a vivid picture of Christ’s sovereign kingship over creation. Here, in the figure of Abraham, we glimpse the heart of God, poised to offer His only Son for the sake of our redemption, a foreshadowing so profound that it stirs the soul to its core.

David, Israel’s king, a warrior-poet after God’s own heart, prefigures Christ’s eternal kingship. His reign, characterized by justice, mercy, and unwavering faith, serves as a mirror reflecting the future King’s righteousness. The Psalms, overflowing with David’s adoration and longing, sing of a Shepherd-King who guides with compassion and strength. Among the prophets, Isaiah’s words, God-breathed, are a lamp in the dark, his words painting an incredible portrait of the coming Messiah—a suffering servant who would purchase our salvation with his wounds.

As the canvas of Scripture transitions from the promise to the fulfillment, the New Testament reveals the majesty of Christ’s kingship. His advent, announced by the heavens, marked the culmination of ancient prophecies. Throughout His ministry, Jesus manifested His dominion with signs, wonders, and teachings that pierced the heart of human existence. He embodied the promised Sovereign, yet His kingdom shattered earthly expectations, establishing a reign not of political might but of eternal truth and life. Disillusioned, many turned their backs, unable to discern the King before them, mistaking His heavenly mission for an earthly conquest.

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Yet, it is in the narrative of Christ’s passion that His sovereignty shines with unrivaled brilliance. His trial and crucifixion, a spectacle to some, was in truth the moment of His greatest victory. Here, on the rugged cross, Christ claimed His throne, His sacrifice tearing the veil between heaven and earth. This moment, far from defeat, was the coronation not of a king among many kings, but of the King of all Kings, His resurrection the seal of His lordship over death itself, offering everlasting life to those who would dwell in His kingdom.

The promise of Christ’s return crowns the biblical narrative, not as a mere chapter, but as the glorious unveiling of the King in His splendor. Revelation portrays Him in awe-inspiring majesty, His eyes ablaze with righteousness, His robe bearing the testament of His sacrifice. This image of Christ, commanding the nations with truth and grace, affirms His eternal reign, a vision that compels the soul to worship at the feet of the King.

In this divine judgment and unfading glory, Christ will unveil His kingdom in its full glory, where every heart will acknowledge His lordship, where every voice will proclaim His reign. This vision of the future is not just a hope but a call to unwavering allegiance, to worship the King who reigns above all, whose kingdom knows no end.

Thus, from the veiled whispers of the Old Testament to the fulfillment in the New, and in anticipation of His triumphant return, Scripture unfolds the epic saga of Christ’s kingship. His rule is marked by unassailable justice, boundless mercy, and a love so fierce that it shattered the chains of sin and death. I don’t care what David French thinks. I don’t care what Ben Shapiro thinks. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. This proclamation stands as the anthem of our faith, the foundation of our hope, and the zenith of our worship:

Christ is King, and there is no other!

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