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When Does Life Begin and Does It Really Matter?

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Abortion, Feminism, Opinion, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Theology

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In the endless tussle between the convictions of Christianity and the assertions of science, the debate over when life begins stands as a colossal testament to our society’s moral and ethical crossroads. This discourse, rooted deeply in both scientific inquiry and biblical revelation, challenges us to reconcile our understanding of life’s inception with our deepest-held beliefs.

At the heart of this debate lies a simple but unsettling reality—the ongoing denial of the biblical perspective on life’s beginning is driven by a singular, contentious aim. And that aim is to justify the practice of abortion. This deliberate obfuscation not only muddies the waters of ethical discourse but also serves as a linchpin for arguments that seek to devalue the sanctity of life at its most vulnerable stage.

The controversy surrounding abortion hinges on the definition of life and the moment it begins. By contesting the theological assertion that life begins at conception, proponents of abortion, sadly, many of whom even claim to be Evangelical Christians, attempt to carve out a moral and legal grey area in which the heinous act can be justified and normalized. This strategy is not merely a matter of scientific or theological debate but a purposeful move to undermine the intrinsic value ascribed to human life by scripture. The denial of life’s commencement at conception has enabled a paradigm shift in society, where the “Overton Window” has been moved and the moral absolutes grounded in the revelation of the Holy and Righteous Creator, are replaced with relativistic interpretations that cater to convenience and personal autonomy above all else.

As we delve deeper into the historical and scientific journey that brings us to our current understanding, it is essential to recognize the underlying motives that fuel this debate. The erosion of the biblical perspective on life’s beginning is not an incidental byproduct of “scientific progress” but a targeted endeavor to reshape moral and ethical standards. This endeavor, while cloaked in the language of rights and choice, ultimately seeks to sever the ties that bind us to a higher moral authority, inviting a secular redefinition of life’s value that accommodates the practice of abortion.

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So, when does life begin, and does “science” confirm or deny this reality? Historically, the question of when life begins has vacillated under the scrutinizing gaze of scientific evolution. For centuries, theories abounded, each one reflecting the contemporary understanding—or lack thereof—regarding human development. From the ancient supposition of “ensoulment” to the more modern discoveries of embryology, the scientific discourse has journeyed through a maze of hypotheses, only to arrive at a conclusion that astonishingly echoes what scripture has pronounced all along: life begins at conception.

Science, in its unrelenting quest for knowledge, has meticulously charted the journey from conception to birth. The fusion of sperm and egg marks not merely a biological event but the inception of a new, distinct human life. This union initiates a sequence of unparalleled complexity, guiding the development of a unique individual. The genetic code, a divine blueprint, unfolds in a symphony of growth, guiding every cell, every tissue, every heartbeat. This marvel of creation, observable and measurable by science, affirms the sanctity and the mystery of life’s beginning.

Yet, for all its grandeur, the edifice of secular “science” stands on the whims of flawed human reasoning and understanding. Today’s revelation may become tomorrow’s footnote in the relentless march of discovery. This inherent fallibility, a reminder of our own limitations, pushes us back to the infallible truth revealed in scripture.

The Bible, unchanging and eternal, offers a clear and resounding declaration—life begins not at implantation, not when the baby has a heartbeat, not when the child can feel pain, and certainly not at birth—but at conception, the very moment the gametes unite. We can come to no other conclusion. Scriptures such as Psalm 139:13-16 celebrate the Creator’s intimate involvement from the earliest stages of development, knitting us together in our mothers’ wombs, known and seen by God even before our formation. Jeremiah 1:5 reinforces this truth, revealing God’s purpose and calling for us before birth, acknowledging our human identity and destiny from the very moment of conception.

This biblical perspective transcends the temporal confines of scientific debate, anchoring the sanctity of life in the foundation of divine revelation, the only source of objective truth and morality. It proves that every human life, from its inception, is imbued with inherent value and dignity, a reflection of the Creator Himself, the Imago Dei. This understanding challenges us to view the debate not as a mere academic exercise but as a profound moral imperative, calling us to advocate for the protection and recognition of life at every stage.

In a world where the value of life is often weighed and measured by the scales of convenience and utility, the biblical affirmation of life’s sanctity from conception stands as unchanging, uncompromising truth. It challenges us to confront the ethical dimensions of our scientific advancements and to question the moral foundations upon which we build our societies.

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