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Racial Hate Extremist, Ibram X. Kendi, Keynote Speaker at Char-Meck Schools Leadership Conference

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Education, News, Politics, Social-Issues

According to a purchase order which was obtained by Moms4Liberty, last week, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools paid twenty-five thousand dollars to enlist racial instigator and extremist, Ibram X. Kendi, to speak at the district’s leadership conference.

One of our sister websites, Protestia, previously reported on the heinousness of Kendi’s ideology:

Kendi is perhaps best known for advancing the notion that it is not enough for a person to not be racist, but they must be actively “anti-racism.”

Jemar Tisby (left) and Ibram X. Kendi (right)

Anti-racism is the act of actively identifying and opposing the systemic racism that the entire country is drenched in. By openly calling it out at every opportunity, one is taking steps to eliminate racism at the individual, institutional, and structural levels. Because everything is racist, it makes insisting that one is not a racist such a dangerous thing. From his ideology, saying “I’m not racist” allows people to avoid participating in “anti-racism” and the tearing down of those institutions.

Kendi also says that the first step of being an anti-racist is for white people to admit they’re racist, “because the very heartbeat of racism is denial.” When white people say they’re not racist, not only are they refusing to be anti-racists, but they’re sharing the same words that Jim Crow segregationists and slave owners used. To deny racism is racism itself.

So, basically, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools paid 25 grand to indoctrinate their teachers into believing that they are inherently guilty of racism by the very virtue of the color of their skin and to pass this ridiculous ideology on to their students. Of course, this is being paid for by citizens of the State of North Carolina and Mecklenburg County–wouldn’t it be prudent to have known about this before it happened?


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