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What You Don’t Know About Adolph Hitler May Shock You

by | Jun 15, 2021 | News

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With this column, I will crawl out on a long, limber limb and hand my critics a saw as I reveal some facts about Hitler that few Americans know.

While Adolph Hitler was responsible for millions of deaths, that horrifying fact does not cancel the fact he was a multifaceted person as all of us are. Nor does the fact he was a tyrant negate the fact that he may even merit a few generous but truthful words! Now, the knees of the fanatics and non-thinkers are jerking all over America—left ones, of course. Since their thinking is skewed, they should be pitied, not pilloried, for thinking it is wrong to say anything positive about Hitler. They have major mental problems and deserve our sympathy.

Or, they are cowards who refuse to believe the truth.

Or, they are lazy and refuse to learn the truth.

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Or, they are so desirous of public approval, they are willing to bury the truth for personal gain.

Of course, those same people who are horrified at anything said or written uncritical of Hitler are never aghast at praise for Josef Stalin. They always cheer Stalin and jeer Hitler when both were despots. Moreover, the world knew of Stalin’s penchant for killing millions of people long before the Allies took him to the dance in WW II.

Hitler’s atrocities were not known until the end of the war. In their post-war memoirs, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Churchill, or de Galle wrote nothing about Hitler killing Jews. Stalin is credited with killing as many as 40 million people while Hitler killed up to 30 million. Mao Zedong of China takes home the trophy for killing about 60 million people.

Isn’t that strange that there is far more hatred for Hitler than Stalin and Mao since Joe and Mao were far more effective in killing than Adolph was? The inconsistency is that the crimson Left has always had a not-so-secret love affair with all things Communist.

Everyone knows the reason for the worlds’ hatred of Hitler. However, most are ignorant of the nuances of WW II when Stalin supported the Allies in hopes of getting Eastern Europe into his dominion as per the decisions at Yalta. He got it from a dying U.S. President who had advisors who were Communist spies, whispering in his ear while Hitler got a self-inflicted bullet in the head. Too bad Stalin didn’t go and do likewise. If Hitler was a tyrant, and he was, Stalin was a tyrant’s tyrant responsible for killing far more people than Hitler. Stalin’s War of Extermination should be required reading for all Americans.

With all his faults, we know from Hitler’s speeches and other documents that he wanted power, territory, and relief from the abominable and unfair Versailles Treaty. Still, he often said he did not want war with Britain. And for sure, not with America. Historical records reveal that he tried to make peace with Britain in May of 1941, even sending his Deputy, Rudolf Hess, in a private plane to England on a peace mission to end the war with Britain. Hess left Hitler a letter in which he suggested Hitler disown him as demented if his peace plan failed. Hitler did just that.

A few weeks later, Hitler kicked off Operation Barbarossa invading Russia, so it is only reasonable he wanted to make peace with Britain. He did not relish fighting two simultaneous wars. Even some British officials believe Hitler wanted England to help Germany destroy the long-time terror of Europe, the Soviet Union.

After a thousand-mile solo flight, Hess crashed in Scotland and was imprisoned until his death in 1987 of suicide by hanging himself with an electrical cord in West Berlin’s Spandau Prison. He was the only prisoner in that vast prison after 1966 and was not permitted visitors, although his family could visit after 1969. It is bizarre that other Nazis sentenced to life were all paroled, yet Hess, not a war criminal, was kept under wraps for decades. What did the Allies have to fear from him?

Hess was frail, sick, and 93 years old, and rumors persist that he was killed by British agents to keep him quiet about his peacekeeping mission. His male medical attendant thought he was murdered.

Churchill and his minions were never called to the dock for their decision not to pursue peace. Long after the fact, the British Broadcasting Corporation admitted (much to my surprise) that Hess was “apparently on a peace mission” as he always said.

One can imagine how the British citizenry would have responded during the years when German planes were bombing London and other cities every night, knowing a genuine peace could have been made early in the war saving millions of lives.

Now, because I have declared the facts above will require Progressives to place me in a permanent political purgatory. Even truth is forbidden if it offends others. Too bad. It is incredible that grown people, people of intellect, people of influence can become so fearful of the truth. Such people, obviously, are very unsure of what they believe.

Since I’m white, I don’t have the right to express the truth without those fearful or uninterested in truth taking potshots at me.

Hitler also loved animals, so that should count for something, although he loved them more than humans whom he slaughtered—Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others. He ate eggs because it meant the chicken was spared rather than killed. He even fed mice bread crumbs in his apartment during his early days following WW I.

Interestingly, Hitler and Mussolini did not smoke, but Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were heavy smokers. Furthermore, Roosevelt was a social drinker, Stalin drank heavily, and Churchill, when not working, started drinking early in the day and was a pathetic alcoholic. Hitler did not drink alcohol but drank only water.

Hitler appreciated and could discuss Dante, Schiller, Shakespeare, Renan, Luther, Goethe, Nietzsche, and Schopenhauer. He carried a pocket edition of Schopenhauer with him. He often read the Bible and the Talmud and could discuss Homer, Horace, Cicero, Sophocles, and Ovid.

He had a second-hand upright piano in a home corridor and often played (tolerably) a Bach cantata or a Wagner melody.

Before blowing out his brains in his underground bunker, Hitler placed a photo of his mother in front of him. Honest people might suggest that he had a sensitive side, but that might cause violent repercussions.

Freshman U.S. Representative Mary Miller of Illinois was almost forced to drink hemlock when she quoted Hitler saying, “Whoever has the youth has the future.” Wow, the bigoted bullies in the “woke” crowd, including Republicans, exploded. The Democrat governor of Illinois (who is Jewish) declared those remarks were “unfathomable. Let me be clear: Hitler got nothing right.”

You see, even a Jew can say stupid, untrue things.

Of course, Hitler said and did some good things that have nothing to do with his despotic ways.

It is a matter of history that Hitler joined the German Army at the start of WW I (although born in Austria) and fought bravely in the trenches on the Western Front for four years. He was twice wounded in battle and was almost killed ten times. While he was fighting on the wrong side (depending on your perspective), he did what he should have done—support his adopted nation.

When Germany lost the war, Hitler (still blinded from war wounds) pulled the sheet over his face and cried for hours for his adopted country.

During his young adult years, he was a good but not great artist, even though his critics often ridicule his work. In my opinion, most of Hitler’s critics never took the time to look at his paintings. What little minds his critics have who can’t recognize a man’s paintings without approving his politics, policies, and programs.

He also displayed his talent with his grandiose building program. Looking at “Surviving examples of Nazi architecture” will be worthwhile. Yes, Hitler destroyed thousands of buildings, but he, like King Ramesses II, King Nebuchadnezzar, Herod the Great, and other totalitarians erected some impressive buildings.

Germans had suffered horrendously during and following WW I, followed by hyperinflation that devastated the nation. Hitler stabilized the German mark, built modern roads, promoted industrialization, and constructed 202,119 model homes before 1933. In the following four years, he built almost one and a half million new homes! Furthermore, he built 91,000 farmhouses, each surrounded by a parcel of land measuring 1000 meters square.

It’s a fact that tyrants can do some things right—well, except Hitler. Now you know why I say leftists are the most illogical people living.

Hitler really won the prize when he and Ferdinand Porsche developed the Volkswagen, the peoples’ car that sold for 400 U.S. dollars, the price Hitler required. (Tyrants can do that.) He built impressive highways connecting Germany with Austria, Switzerland, France, and others. After a massive time of currency collapse, Germans could afford a family car and a couple of weeks in the Swiss Alps.

When French workers boasted of one week of paid vacation in 1936, Hitler had established 18 days of paid vacation in 1933 for Germans. Tyrants can do pleasant things like that.

Sure, he was a tyrant, but a tyrant with talent. Should his successes be wiped out because of his excesses? Interestingly, the tyrant had a passion for flowers and music, especially Wagner’s compositions. He was a terrible but sensitive poet, as a poem about his mother reveals.

Does not every tyrant have some positives? Indeed, the most vain, vile, and vicious person on earth has some good qualities. Does saying so make him any more commendable or less culpable? Does it give him even a small amount of credibility and absolution for his crimes? Only a fool says so. Most leftists would not be so demanding of obnoxious individuals, but Hitler is an exception. Such people need to spend time in deep reflection because that appears to be a mental or emotional problem.

Louis Farrakhan, overlooking Hitler’s whiteness, called Hitler a “great man,” and the “woke” crowd did not demand Farrakhan’s crucifixion. But then, Screwy Louie is black, so he is one of a privileged class. That means unaccountable.

I will be told, even by some friends, that I made a bad choice in writing anything good about Hitler since it is really not necessary. However, I want to make a point that censorship is wrong, whether by the government or the media or self-imposed. All with the realization, you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

Censorship, even self-censorship, is un-American. It means a loss of freedom. I wanted to say something good about Hitler to prove that I could. If the law or pressure from others could keep me from anything positive about Hitler, they can do the same about any other subject.

In times past, the Left accused Christians, especially Baptists, of wanting to rewrite textbooks and putting a censor in every publishing house, movie production lot, and television network to make sure dirty words weren’t used. I don’t demand or want censorship, but I do demand the right and opportunity to write and say what I want without politicians or the “woke” crowd refusing to allow me a platform for free speech.

Any issue should be discussed and debated so decisions can be made about the truth.

There are no forbidden subjects, and I refuse to genuflect to government, media moguls, or anyone wearing jackboots and carrying a whip. I am not for sale and will continue writing and speaking what I perceive as truth even if I am never heard or read again.

I would be honored if my tombstone said, “Here lies Don Boys, a Bible-believing Christian who could not be bought, bullied, badgered, or blackmailed and remained as independent as a hog on ice and dedicated to truth and Truth until his last breath.”

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at www.cstnews.com. Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog. Send a request to DBoysphd@aol.com for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support his work with a donation.)

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