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Left-Handed Cigarettes for Left-Coast Liberals: Washington State Offers Free “Joints for Jabs”

by | Jun 8, 2021 | News

Washington State will is the first to approve a program to offer free marijuana joints in exchange for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Imagine a vaccine that works so well that you have to coax people into getting it by offering them a free high. In fact, perhaps the free joints are being offered as a way to mask the discomfort that so many have reported after following their shots; or worse, to lower their blood pressure to decrease the chance of a serious reaction such as the oft-reported blood clots.

But in all seriousness, the program appears to appeal to the vast majority of Washington State’s constituency; left-handed cigarettes for Left Coast Liberals.

ABC News Reports:

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board announced Monday that the promotion, called “Joints for Jabs,” was effective immediately and would run through July 12. During the afforded time period, state-licensed cannabis retailers are permitted to give one free pre-rolled joint to customers who are 21 or older when they receive their first or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at an active, on-site vaccination clinic. Customers can only claim the complimentary joint from the retail location during the same visit as receiving the jab, according to the board.

Only in America can we find such degeneracy embedded so deep into the fabric of the nation–to offer something that was once illegal and considered counterproductive to a functioning society as an incentive to follow state-sanctioned medical advice. One can only conclude that in the next few years, leftists will be offering free prostitutes for a night to lure people in for their weekly welfare checks.

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