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School Board Member Nearly Suffocates in Mask While Arguing in Favor of Face Masks

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Education, Health, News, Politics, US

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In a moment of what can be explained by nothing other than poetic justice, a school board member in an Eastern Idaho school district nearly passes out and suffocates trying to breathe through her face mask while arguing that face masks should be mandatory in schools.

The school board member, Zone 4 Trustee Elizabeth Cogliati in Idaho Falls, was responding in a heated argument with another board member who said that face masks should be optional.

During the peak of the argument, Cogliati began yelling then gasping for air, and then ended her rant nearly passed out from suffocation by saying that she believes face masks should be mandatory.

Anyone who argues so strongly and blindly in favor of something with so little scientific evidence behind it likely deserves the outcome of their own idiocy. But this is what leftists do–they are unable to think through the ramifications of such blanket policies and the effect it may have on individuals and succumb to the groupthink mentality that, in most cases, has a far more detrimental effect on everyone.

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