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Denmark Announces Limits on Residents of “Non-Western Origin” to 30 Percent

by | Mar 17, 2021 | News, Politics, Social-Issues, World

The government of Denmark today announced the implementation of a new policy today that would, over the next ten years, limit the number of residents in a neighborhood who are of “non-Western origin” to thirty percent.

The move comes amid an influx of Syrian refugees of whom the government recognizes as a threat to the cohesiveness of the culture of the nation.

“We have made it clear to the Syrian refugees that their residence permit is temporary. It can be withdrawn if protection is no longer needed,” said Mattias Tesfaye, Denmark’s immigration minister.

This falls on the heels of a very low community integration rate among Syrian refugees with only 17 percent of Syrian women working five years after entering the country.

Essentially, Denmark doesn’t want to become the next France as radical Islamists typically bring their hatred of Western civilization into foreign countries causing irreparable damage to civilized nations. Further, a peer-reviewed academic study in 2019 showed that multiculturalism had a negative impact on communities and “eroded social trust” and damaged community cohesion.

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