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Facing a Recall, Newsom Admits Breaking His Own Mandates Was a “Terrible Mistake”

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Corruption, News, Politics, US

After unnecessarily shutting down the entire state of California in 2020 in the name of “public health,” Governor Gavin Newsom is now facing the consequences of placing himself in elite status over the citizens and exempting himself from his own draconian mandates.

Last year, Newsom was caught attending a large, indoor gathering without a face mask where he breached both his lockdown order and his mask mandate. After being caught, he lied about it and said that it was an outdoor party. It was not.

Newsom then spent the remainder of the year bullying churches and intimidating pastors with threats of hefty fines and prison time for daring to hold church services on Sunday mornings despite the fact that the Constitution guarantees this right.

But rules only apply to the little people, until now.

Leftists totalitarian leaders are facing massive backlash in their handling of the coronavirus “pandemic” which, in most cases, caused far more harm than protection. Like New York governor, Andrew Cuomo–who is now facing a recall for killing thousands of elderly people with his orders to send infected people into nursing homes–Newsom is now facing recall for his actions as well.

Activists in the state have now received enough verifiable signatures to move forward with the recall–and Newsom is worried. Newsom took to The View to express his concern and admitted that his elitist actions were a “terrible mistake.”


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