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CDC Now Says Two-Year-Olds Should Wear Face Masks at Daycare Even When Staff is Fully Vaccinated

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Health, News, US

Remember 20 years ago, baby-boomers were looking at the younger generations and complaining how these people were soon going to be the ones in charge. Well, that day is here, and their concerns back then were valid and reasonable.

How insane can these idiots get?

A two-year-old is barely learning new words, has just recently learned to walk, and does not have any ability, whatsoever, to reason. Yet, the CDC is now updating its guidelines to include face masks for all children ages two and older even if the staff is fully vaccinated.

In its recent update, which is essentially begging to be ignored — but likely will not be since leftists are in charge of most of the country — the CDC now says, “Everyone 2 years and older should wear a mask covering their mouth and nose when around people who do not live in their household, except when eating or sleeping.”

The guidance also says that teachers should enforce the “consistent and correct use of masks” for these young children.

In other words, the CDC recommends that teachers virtually suffocate these poor children by forcing and tying these masks to their faces because, let’s face it, what two-year-old is going to obey these guidelines on their own?

The idiocy that continues to pour out of these leftists organizations continues to baffle the minds of logical people who, in all reality, are now in the minority in this world. The guidance also recommends that two-year-olds remain 6 feet apart even when they’re masked, and under no circumstances should they share toys.

How would this be enforced? Kids in cages, much? This fear of COVID-19 has turned into a religious cult.

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