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Roy Cooper Vetos School Re-opening Bill, Contact Your Legislator to Urge Them to Override

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The following is from the Carolina Partnership for Reform.

We urgently need your help!

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the school reopening bill (Senate Bill 37) on Friday that had passed both  NC General Assembly chambers by bipartisan supermajority margins!

The bill requires all school districts to offer parents the opportunity for their students to have in-person instruction while adhering to public health protocols.  According to education experts, our students are losing valuable education time and mental health benefits every day they’re not allowed to learn in person.

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The only thing that makes sense why Cooper would veto this bill is that he bowed to the pressure from the NCAE teachers union bosses – who seem to care more about political power than the school children of North Carolina.

Carolina Partnership for Reform conducted a poll last week that showed North Carolina voters want kids back in school….

The next step? Both the NC House and the NC Senate passed Senate Bill 37 with enough votes to override a veto – so the legislative leadership will soon bring up the bill to override the Governor’s veto.

We need everyone who receives this email to call their legislators – your House representative and your State Senator – and strongly urge them to vote to OVERRIDE the Governor’s irresponsible veto!

To get your legislators’ contact information, go to:
Representation – North Carolina General Assembly (ncleg.gov)

Contact both your House and Senate representatives today!

Urge them to OVERRIDE THE VETO. The vote could come as soon as they go back in session – so we need for you to act now.

Thank you!

Bob Rosser
Executive Director
Carolina Partnership for Reform


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