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DeAngelis: Schools, Like Grocery Stores, Should Not Be Funded if Closed for Business

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As teacher’s unions and other leftists groups milk this “pandemic” for everything it’s worth, and more, families and students are getting tired and fed up with the unnecessary and extended closures of their schools, athletic events, and other government-run operations.

Teacher’s unions have relentlessly pushed for continued school closings and sadly, leftist politicians have catered to these unions. Despite the fact that there is little risk of coronavirus transmission in schools, especially if common sense precautions are taken, teachers have fought to continue remote learning. This essentially burdens parents and families to stay out of work to home school their children since remote learning is largely independent of teacher oversight.

And yet, taxpayers are still required to pay taxes for education while unemployment benefits have been maxed out for most families.

Corey DeAngelis, a school choice advocate, argues that families should not be required to pay for education services that they do not receive and that education funding should be spent on education rather than “protecting institutions.”

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DeAngelis compared the forced payment for non-received education services to being “residentially assigned to government-run grocery stores that we had to pay for regardless of whether they opened their doors for business.”

“Private schools have been fighting to reopen,” DeAngelis said, “Teachers unions have been fighting to remain closed.”

“The difference is one of incentives,” he continued, “One of these sectors gets your money regardless of whether they open their doors for business.”

“If a grocery store doesn’t reopen families can take their money elsewhere,” he added. “If a school doesn’t reopen families should similarly be able to take their children’s education dollars elsewhere.”

“Families should be able to take their children’s education dollars elsewhere regardless of the reopening decision,” DeAngelis concluded. “Education funding is meant for educating children – not for protecting a particular institution. We should fund students, not systems.”


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