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Massive Drop in Flu Cases During Pandemic, They Think You’re Stupid

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Health, News, Politics, US

Health departments across the nation are reporting “massive drops” in influenza-related deaths this season during the coronavirus “pandemic” because, well, they think you’re stupid. They think you’re going to buy into the belief that masks, lockdowns, and social distancing are to thank for it. Incidentally, despite the lockdowns and unprecedented measures taken by government officials, the coronavirus took its course during the season.

It’s almost comical to watch these “experts” make these assertions. Like Dr. Drew, for example, who tweeted:

Amazingly, only 165 patients have been hospitalized with the flu in the US since October. Last season, we had 400k hospitalizations! The staggering difference may be due to better hygiene practices / changes in the bacterial gradient field. Either way, continue washing your hands

Right, because 330 million people are now all practicing better hygiene — enough to see a 99.95875 percent drop in flu cases.

Likewise, the Denver Post reports that unlike last year, in which Colorado saw 3,546 hospitalizations, so far this year, Colorado has only seen 23 half-way through the flu season with no pediatric flu-related deaths. “Medical experts,” according to the Denver Post, say that lockdowns are the reason for the decrease.

A medical professional at University of Colorado Hospital told the Post that “all of the things people are doing to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 — including wearing face coverings, traveling less, physically distancing and washing hands frequently — have led to a decrease in flu”

And accompanied by Big Tech censorship, try doing a Google search for facemask studies and you will not be presented with results from studies that show masks have little to no effect on the spread of coronavirus, such as the Danish study.

If you’re not awake right now to the mind-control and manipulation being pushed on us by now, you’re naive. How many times does Dr. Fauci have to change the narrative on face masks or vaccines for you to see that he really has no clue what he’s talking about? How many times does the CDC have to modify their coronavirus death numbers after it’s been exposed that they were “incorrectly” tabulating the deaths for you to realize that they’re trying to manipulate you into compliance?

It’s their game, all you have to do is stop playing it.

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