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Leftists Enraged Over Resurfaced 2003 Futurama Episode Making Fun of Transgender Robots

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Entertainment, News, Social-Issues, US, World

Leftists are incensed over a recently resurfaced episode of the cartoon series, Futurama, which originally aired in 2003 featuring Bender, a robot who wanted to compete in sports but felt emasculated by the male robots. Because of this, Bender decided to undergo a surgical procedure so that he could pass the pre-event gender test and pass himself off as a female.

If that sounds familiar, you’d be in good company. The authors of the episode clearly had a grasp on the progressive direction the world was taking when writing it.

On the plus side, however, leftists are now throwing a tantrum and calling the episode “transgender as f**k,” as one Twitter user posted.

And another.

Yeah, Futurama…that’s why you stayed in the “closet.”

The series was recently added to Disney+ and, most likely, Disney was unaware of the episode and overlooked it. Chances are, with Disney being as woke as they are, they will cave to the pressure from leftists, remove the episode, and issue a long, heart-felt apology to the raging trans community.

That leftists would be so outraged over a cartoon episode nearly two decades old is indicative of how insane our society has become. That transgenderism is even a thing is completely absurd and illogical. But that’s the world we live in.

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