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Arkansas Complete Abortion Ban Bill Passes Senate, Moves to House

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Health, Politics, Social-Issues, US

As the anti-abortion movement gains some steam across some states in the U.S. many states have passed some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in history. While much of it continues to be struck down in court as justices cite Roe v. Wade — an unconstitutional ruling concluding that women have a right to kill their children — some of it has held up.

However, to date, a complete and total abortion ban has yet to stand up to the scrutiny of not only the court injustice system but even the “pro-life” movement.

Last week, South Carolina passed legislation that would ban abortions prior to a fetal heartbeat being detected. This legislation would ban most abortions as fetal heartbeats are generally detected around six weeks — before most women are even aware they are pregnant. It has yet to be determined if that law will withstand the coming swath of lawsuits.

Yesterday, however, the Arkansas Senate passed a bill completely banning all abortion in the state. The abolition bill, SB6, The Unborn Child Protection Act, which has a stated purpose of abolishing abortion in Arkansas and protecting the lives of unborn children and all human life, rightly compares the Supreme Court decisions of upholding pro-abortion laws with the “grave injustices” of the Supreme Court’s decisions upholding “separate but equal” laws and the Dred Scott Case, which denied personhood to African Americans.

The law classifies all abortions, with an exception for medical emergencies in which the mother’s life is in danger, as a felony carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $100,000 fine. The bill also classifies an accidental death of a fetus by a physician practicing medicine on the mother as an “affirmative defense.”

While it is unclear if this legislation will hold up in court — it likely will not — it is encouraging to finally see true conservatives fight for the lives of unborn children. As the left ramps up their violence on the unborn, you can rest assured that pro-abortion pro-death feminists will be marching and protesting until the activist judges in federal courts strike down this bill. But God bless these politicians for trying their damnedest.

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