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Mike Lindell Sued for 1.3 Billion by Dominion Voting Systems for Accusations of Election Fraud

by | Feb 22, 2021 | News, Politics, US

Dominion Voting Systems — which has been widely criticized for its involvement in undermining the 2020 elections — is now suing My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell for 1.3 billion dollars for his accusations against the company for its role in election fraud.

Mike Lindell has been among the most vocal critics of Dominion and he put out a documentary claiming “absolute proof” detailing and tracing evidence against the company last month.

In the court documents filed in Washington D.C. district court, Dominion claims that “the viral disinformation campaign has irreparably damaged Dominion’s reputation and destroyed the resale value of a business that was worth between $450 million and $500 million before the viral disinformation campaign.”

The suit claims that Lindell was repeatedly put on formal written notice of specific facts and evidence that disproved his claims and that Lindell left the company with “no choice” but to file the lawsuit against him.

The lawsuit also alleges that Lindell exploited Dominion to boost his own sales of My Pillow by marketing his pillow sales to people who would tune in to listen to his rallies that claimed Dominion was involved in fraud.

Dominion claims that through Discovery, they will claim that there is no evidence to support the “Big Lie” — a term coined by leftists as a pejorative against the notion that there could possibly be election fraud.

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