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NYC Mayor Demonstrates Why Second Amendment Rights are Non-negotiable

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Law Enforcement, News, Politics, US

As New York City slips further into chaos under the control of Mayor Bill DeBlasio and state governor, Andrew Cuomo, it is ever more apparent why the right to self-defense is so important and the Second Amendment is not up for negotiation.

The founders of the nation and authors of the Constitution definitely had a grasp on human depravity. This notion appears to be lost on the left as baby-killers are voted into office and thugs are killing each other in the streets without remorse.

People are able to do these things because of the policies put in place by the leftists that continue to control the nation’s largest cities and populations. Guns are extremely difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain in large cities like New York and Chicago while there are virtually no obstacles for criminals. Illegal weapons purchased on the black market are all too easy to find.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens continue to obey the unconstitutional gun restrictions in these cities placing only them at risk for incidents like what we see below. This is a prime example of why the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

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