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Eric Holder Threatens Lawsuits in NC if Legislators Don’t Draw Districts Favorable to Democrats

by | Feb 19, 2021 | News, Politics

During a speech on “racism” at UNC this week, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder threatened to bring lawsuits in the state of North Carolina if legislators don’t draw legislator districts favorable to Democrats.

In North Carolina, the legislative body has a veto-proof authority over both the congressional and state legislative district map. Federal law requires that districts be near equal in population and not discriminate based on race or ethnicity. Other than that, the practice of drawing lines based on political outcome–known as gerrymandering–has been a subject of hot debate over the decades but is not illegal.

Holder, however, believes that he can persuade the courts, many of whom are overseen by leftist activist judges, that the Republican-controlled legislature’s redistricting map is racially-motivated.

“North Carolina really is, in some ways, ground zero for partisan and racial gerrymandering,” Holder said Friday in a speech to the UNC School of Law according to the News & Observer. “And the only way, I think, to crack that which is happening in North Carolina is through the courts, and use those decisions to get a more fair Congressional delegation from North Carolina.”

Holder, who has recently become an anti-gerrymandering activist and touts his race as one of his top credentials as an expert in law, gave this speech at the UNC Law School’s 2021 Weil Lecture which is held annually.

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