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Palm Beach County Sends Gestapo to Citizen’s Door Late at Night After Posting Mask Joke on Facebook

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Law Enforcement, News, Politics

In what can be inferred as nothing other than sarcasm by rational people — and let’s just face it, rational thinkers are in the minority — a citizen of Palm Beach County, FL jokingly commented on Facebook about dumping masks on the county commissioner’s lawn. This ultimately landed Angelique Contreras a visit from local law enforcement at 10:30pm.

According to local media, Palm Beach County wants to segregate citizens who are exempt from face masks for health or other reasons during public meetings by the county commission. Instead of allowing citizens to safely meet face to face, they want to send these individuals to a separate building located in the basement of a nearby parking garage.

On Facebook, a man — very obviously jokingly — quipped about dumping garbage on a County Commissioner’s lawn drawing the response from Contreras, “thousands of masks.”

Later that night, the sheriff knocked on her door who then accused her of threatening to “trespass” on private property and “litter.” Contreras, who according to NATIONAL FILE comes from a heritage of patriotic Cuban refugees, was taken back by the gesture, stating to the officer, “that’s just fear-mongering, you know that, right?”

Since when are police authorized to trespass on private property to warn private citizens about potential criminal offenses, anyway?

“No matter what a person’s political beliefs are, I do not believe anyone deserves to be bullied by our local government officials. We should not be intimidated by law enforcement. What happened at my house was clearly political intimidation,” Angelique Contreras, who has three young children, ages 1,3, and 11, told NATIONAL FILE. “I know what Communism is and we have been living in it for the past year.”

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