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NC Republican Senator Richard Burr Censured, Banned From Wake GOP Building for Voting to Convict Trump

by | Feb 15, 2021 | News, Politics, US

In a stunning move by the North Carolina Republican party, longtime RINO, Republican Senator Richard Burr has been censured and banned from the premises for voting to convict Donald Trump in his second kangaroo impeachment trial.

Burr was one of seven GOP Senators who voted to convict Trump of “inciting an insurrection” on Jan 6 when leftists posing as Trump supporters agitated a crowd to enter the premises of the nation’s Capitol Building before Mike Pence betrayed his oath of office by accepting the results of the election with so many questions about its validity unanswered. Burr, who voted on February 9 that the impeachment itself was unconstitutional, proceeded to hypocritically vote to convict Trump after the impeachment took place.

Like the other six, Burr is now facing severe backlash from his constituency and his party as the Wake County GOP along with the North Carolina Republican Party has resolved to censure Burr.

The resolution, which was adopted by the Wake County Republican Party yesterday reads:

Censure of Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina

, the Wake County Republican Party was unified with the North Carolina Republican Party in its commitment to elect or reelect Republican
candidate Richard Burr to the United States Senate in 2004. 2010, and 201B by contributing countless volunteer hours and millions of dollars of donations by and through its members; and

Whereas, In exchange for such support. Senator Richard Burr pledged his agreement with and commitment to uphold the conservative principles of the North Carolina Republican Party. as endorsed and adopted by the Wake County Republican Party; and

Whereas, Senator Richard M Burr on February 9, 2021 , correctly voted in the United States Senate against proceeding with a second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump on the basis that such a proceeding is unconstitutional; and

Whereas, Senator Richard Burr is willfully ignorant or disrespectful of the laws governing free speech as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court in Brandenburg v, Ohio, which set forth the requisite elements to determine whether a person’s words are sufficient to result in a criminal charge of inciting violence; and

Whereas. Senator Richard Burr violated the sacred trust placed in him by the Wake County Republican Patty by voting on February 13, 2021 to convict former President Donald J. Trump for unsubstantiated and discredited allegations of promoting conspiracy theories and of inciting an insurrection;

Therefore, be it resolved, in consideration of the actions of Senator Richard Burr. the Executive Committee of the Wake County Republican Patty
formally and irrevocably censures and condemns Senator Richard M. Burr for violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. for gross impropriety in his position of sacred trust. for setting a precedent that political prosecution of unpopular speech is acceptable for the IJnited States Senate, and for failing to uphold the conservative principles of the North Carolina and Wake County Republican Parties during his tenure as a United States Senator;

Be it further resolved, the Executive Committee of the Wake County Republican Party permanently bans Richard M. Burr from entering the premises of the Wake County Republican Party. from participating in any future Wake County Republican Party activities, and from receiving any endorsement for any office of trust in the future,

Adopted by the Wake County Republican Patty this fourteenth day of February, 2021


According to the Wake GOP Facebook page, the resolution has been sent electronically to the Executive Committee — which has concurred with the censure — making it official.

“The Executive Board took this unprecedented action against Senator Burr primarily for his infidelity to the Constitutional principle of free speech,” Wake GOP writes on their Facebook page. “Last week, Senator Burr voted that the impeachment trial was unconstitutional, but then voted to convict former President Trump. This inconsistency and lack of appreciation for free speech is very concerning to us and the future of our Party. We simply cannot allow the Democrats to use the lawlessness of a few people on January 6th and turn it into a reason to abridge the free speech of Republicans. Senator Burr should know better and we want him to understand how disappointed we are that he would use his power as a US Senator to attack political free speech.”

Burr has a history of using his office for personal gain. In March of 2020, Burr was accused of making insider trades on stocks to the tune of millions of dollars after he received a briefing on the coronavirus before it became widespread news that a pandemic in America was imminent.

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