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Amid Coronavirus, Pope Francis Says He Will Forgive Your Sins Now, Confess and Do Penance Later

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Of course, Bible-believing Christians understand that Church of Rome to be an apostate counterfeit to the true bride of Christ described in the Scriptures. Nonetheless, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church has continued to exalt himself and try to stand in the place of Jesus Christ — calling himself the “Vicar of Christ” — and perform functions that are reserved for God Himself.

That the pope believes he has the power to absolve people from their sins is bad enough, but now the pope says that since people are locked down in their homes, he will just go ahead and forgive everyone of their sins (in case they die) — they can come to Mass and do penance later.

According to a report in the National Catholic Register, the pope is conducting what is called “general absolution” where he and priests absolve people from their sins in a “general” way. For example, standing in front of a hospital and yelling that people’s sins are absolved may suffice.

In an unexpected set of dual moves from the apostolic penitentiary, the Vatican also announced the offering of special plenary indulgences to any Catholic affected by the virus, to healthcare workers and their families, to those who pray for the end of the epidemic, and to those who die without being able to receive final rites.

The measures, coming in a separate decree and note from the church tribunal, are wide-ranging. They appear a reflect an extraordinary effort by the Vatican for Catholics to receive spiritual help, at a time when many around the world are unable to celebrate Mass or even go to a church for fear of risking contagion.

The note from the tribunal makes clear that while individual confession is the “ordinary way” to celebrate that sacrament, general absolution can be used when there is an “imminent danger of death, not enough time to listen to confessions of individual penitents, or a grave need.”

“This Apostolic Penitentiary holds that, especially in the places most affected by the pandemic contagion and until the phenomenon ends, there are cases of grave need,” says the note, highlighting the paragraph in italic font.

The tribunal indicates that it is up the individual bishops around the world to determine when to adapt the practice of individual confession to minimize risk of contagion — suggesting use of a safe distance between confessor and penitent, and use of masks — or to use general absolution.

According to Catholic dogma, indulgences are the remission of punishment for sins and help cut down on your time in Purgatory. The blasphemy that pours out of the Roman Catholic Church is so deep that it is difficult to even fathom. The religion is so counterfeit that it is mind-boggling that so many Protestants hold them to be brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a completely different religion with teachings absolutely foreign to the Scriptures and the pope of Rome is anything but Christian — he is anti-Christ.

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Penance is not the gospel and Mass, restitution, confession, or having a priest “absolve” you will not save you. The gospel is that Christ died in our place according to the Scriptures, was buried, and rose again three days later, defeating sin and death, and seated at the right hand of the father forever making intercession for those who would repent and believe on Him.


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