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Instead of Fighting Infectious Disease, CDC Wastes Millions on Transgender Beauty Pageants and Gun Control

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As Americans, as a freedom-loving society, it’s difficult to fathom and comprehend the current health crisis we’re facing right now. With Americans on lockdown, barely able to leave our homes, we’ve trusted our government to protect our freedoms — after all, that’s what our government was designed to do.

Instead, our government has failed us — time and time again, demonstrably so. Our government which should be using our tax dollars for no other purpose but to protect our freedoms and uphold our constitutional rights, has, instead, been wasting our tax money on frivolous pet causes for special interest groups.

Chief among those, LGBTQ activist groups.

It has been revealed in a recent report released at Real Clear Politics that the United States Center for Diseased Control (CDC) has, instead of studying and fighting infectious diseases, been wasting money on transgender beauty pageants, safe-sex events featuring a sex-video star, and pushing gun control. Real Clear Politics reports,

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At nearly $7 billion, CDC’s annual budget is more than 200% larger than it was two decades ago. On top of that, a shady big business lobbying group called Corporate Friends of CDC has raised hundreds of millions of supplemental dollars — which raises serious conflict-of-interest issues. In 2007, Sen. Tom Coburn’s fiscal audit of the agency discovered vulgar expenditures including CDC syphilis prevention funds spent to host a “safe-sex” event with a porn star, CDC HIV/AIDS prevention funds spent on a transgender beauty pageant, and $45 million in CDC funding spent on conferences featuring prostitutes, protests and beach parties.

Despite the flood of money, the agency been caught flat-footed on outbreak after outbreak. They squander untold millions on other health threats in favor of pushing gun control and nanny state hobby horses (TV violence, helmet laws, video games, anti-bullying campaigns and explicit sex education, for example). CDC has one primary job — disease control — but has managed to botch it without ever learning from past failures.

As Americans, we should be outraged by this. But sadly, we’re not — and likely, we’re numb to this kind of wasteful and frivolous spending. But right now, we’re feeling the effects of our government’s unconstitutional actions, activism, and wasteful spending like never before.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a problem that Donald Trump or any other president is going to fix. This is how our society now operates. This is considered “normal” among rank-and-file Americans who pay outrageous taxes to big government operations to fund the nanny-state we now live in. We, as a society, have come way too far in our dependence on government. And while we still consider ourselves a free nation, the truth is, we’re not. And we’re finally getting a taste of what socialism will look like if we keep going in this direction.

Hopefully, Americans will wake up — but this is the time that Christians should be proclaiming the sovereignty of God over all things and learn to trust in Him instead. This is not to say we shouldn’t be active in government — we should. But let’s remember that Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. Let’s long for His return.


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