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Democrats Give Christians Advice on Not Worshiping “Lesser Gods” by Being “Too Involved in Politics”

by | Mar 16, 2020 | News, Opinion, Politics, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church

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It’s beyond fascinating to watch the progressive left act like they have some kind of moral high ground by pretending to abstain from politics all the while, they are demonstrably shilling for the liberal agenda. But to see those who claim Christ spend their time lying and deceiving people into believing that political neutrality is morally superior while promoting progressive politics is mind-boggling, to say the least.

The progressive brand of Evangelicalism — also known as The Gospel Coalition — is notorious for this as they’ve continued to advance social justice in the political realm — one of the primary Democratic political agendas.

Recently, an article came out at the Christian Post titled Too many American Christians worship ‘lesser gods’ when engaging in politics, Democratic activist says. The title alone should speak volumes. These political plants in Evangelical circles think they’re smart — and sadly, many fall for their rhetoric. They claim political neutrality, stating things like we “should critique both parties,” when, in reality, these people are just anti-conservative progressives.

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The article referenced Justin Giboney, a Democratic activist and an attorney who’s also president of the AND Campaign — a pro-choice pro-feminist pro-social justice movement led by Democrats that claims to be a politically-neutral Christian organization.

Giboney, who recently spoke at the Just Gospel Conference — a non-gospel conference led by Southern Baptist leader, Thabiti Anyabwile along with other social gospel advocates — argued that Christians have placed too much “faith” in conservative politics, use terms like “patriotism” to argue against justice, and “Christians have separated our faith from our politics and we’ve allowed our political affiliations to become religious in nature, liturgical in display.”

Of course, that’s nonsense and it is demonstrably not politically-neutral. But even if it were, political neutrality is not biblical and not Christian in any way — especially in our climate. As I’ve argued before and will continue to argue, those who vote for Democrats are not acting in accordance with Christian beliefs — there is nothing, absolutely nothing on the Democrat platform that a Christian, in good conscience, could affirm.

The real question Christians should be asking is, why would we, under any circumstances, take worship advice from those who claim Christ but have bowed the knee to Ba’al?

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