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Oklahoma “Christian Pro-Life Republican” Senators Kill Bill That Would Have Ended All Abortion in the State

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March 11th, 2020, was an historical day in Oklahoma, but most are unaware of why. For the first time in the history of The United States of America a State, a State was provided an opportunity to vote to end abortion; the bloodshed of innocent and defenseless pre-born babies. Oklahoma could have become the first abortion-free state in the union and led other states to do the same. Yet, many personally witnessed and thanks to social media, thousands have viewed the complete wickedness of 42 “CHRISTIAN PRO-LIFE REPUBLICAN SENATORS” as they voted to kill SB13, The Abolition of Abortion In Oklahoma Act. There were however four courageous, principled and Godly Senators who voted in favor of hearing the bill, Senators Joseph Silk, Nathan Dahm, Chris Kidd, and Roland Pederson.

For those who were in the Senate gallery, the immediate change of order and procedure happened so quickly, that before many had time to comprehend what was happening, the bill was “tabled” and thus killed. We would not, however, see the true wickedness until a few hours later. A citizen of Oklahoma published a live feed, where Senator Kim David, can be seen winking, grinning and motioning with her hands to the Chairman to quickly move things along. Many have asked the question, “how long will this bill be tabled”? The answer is forever. In Oklahoma, bills expire and do not carry over into the next year. So the motion to “table” is just another tactic politicians use to avoid voting on bills of such magnitude. This is both shameful and disgraceful.

The result? More than 5,000 innocent pre-born babies created by and in the image of God will have been sentenced to death and murdered under the protection of OKLAHOMA LAW. More specifically within the boundaries set forth by ALL current pro-life legislation which is nothing more than negotiations with the prophets of Baal and iniquitous decrees. The abolition of abortion has been delayed and the sanctioned murder of pre-born babies has been perpetuated.

Never in my experience has there been in the Oklahoma Senate such blatant disregard, dishonor and irreverence towards God Almighty. Without hesitation or fear, these senators sentenced thousands of babies to death as though it was something trivial. This is in direct rebellion against God’s authority. These career politicians have misrepresented their constituents, and failed to represent their party platform and uphold their oaths of office. Not only that but at the expense of innocent pre-born babies they have bowed to Senate Leadership and the pro-life lobbyists, who do not seek the total and immediate end of abortion, but only to incrementally regulate the murder of innocent and defenseless pre-born babies. This is SIN and these Senators are in desperate need of repentance. “ Woe to those who legalize injustice and write oppressive legislation! You rip away the rights of the poor and prey upon widows and orphans![a] Isa. 10:1-2 TPT)

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Enough is enough! In one of the most conservative “Christian” states in the union, almost every principle and value we hold dear as followers of Christ has been aggressively challenged and/or stripped away from our families and communities. The Ekklesia will NOT be silent as the Oklahoma legislators play political games with our children.

We as the people of God, especially here in Oklahoma, will not fail as the generation before and do nothing as injustice and oppressive legislation is passed.

We, therefore, declare the 47 Senators who voted to kill SB13 GUILTY of the innocent bloodshed of thousands upon thousands of innocent pre-born babies in Oklahoma and as a result, we render the following verdict: We reject and mark these men and women and we declare them unfit to lead and serve in the State of Oklahoma.

Furthermore, we call on Christians throughout the 77 counties of Oklahoma to declare through their local republican parties, a vote of no confidence for these legislators and aggressively seek to primary, and replace, these ungodly career politicians in 2020. May God raise up redeemed sons and daughters who will govern righteously and justly in Oklahoma.

by Daniel Navejas


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