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Elevation Church is From Hell

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Elevation Church is one of the most subversive and dangerous pseudo-Christian movements in the world. Following in the footsteps of Hillsong, Steven Furtick, the lead pastor, has built an empire that has grown tremendously with now over 20 campuses and even internationally with campuses in Toronto.

Steven Furtick says stupid things all the time. Steven Furtick once asserted that Jesus broke the law — that is, committed sin — in order to save people. The prosperity gospel-preaching huckster out of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC is best known for reading himself into Scripture and making it all about him. In short, he’s a narcissist.

One of the reasons Elevation Church is so subversive is that on paper — or in this case, on website — the Church holds to a seemingly orthodox statement of faith. That is, the church affirms the essential doctrines according to their “official” beliefs. This is not surprising since Steven Furtick and Elevation Church have Southern Baptist roots — Furtick knows what these essential doctrines are. However, Steven Furtick preaches and practices something completely different.

The prosperity gospel is arguably the second-most nefarious and subversive false gospel plaguing the American Church today, right behind the social justice gospel. The prosperity gospel teaches that God is, in a sense, a genie in a bottle and by having enough faith, you can get what you want from him — material gain.

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The prosperity gospel in America is largely associated with celebrity hucksters like Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, and others, but the false gospel has plagued the more conservative sects as well. And while the prosperity gospel is stereotypically associated with health and wealth, the same principle applies to a multitude of selfish desires.

The prosperity gospel can range from praying for things like a new car, new house … a new private jet … to more seemingly appropriate things such as a spouse, the ability to have children, or a college degree. The principle doesn’t limit its application to the thing being desired, rather it is the motivation behind the desire that counts.

Further, the prosperity gospel isn’t limited only to seed-faith or seed-sowing which is typically associated with giving money to a preacher or ministry in exchange for promises of health and wealth. The prosperity gospel boils down selfish gain and is rooted in greed. More often than not, the prosperity gospel is simply praying for something that you want from a carnal standpoint as opposed to praying God’s will.

Steven Furtick has been completely given over to the prosperity gospel. How often does Furtick preach about the holiness of God and the detrimental state of man before him? How often does he preach about sin? How often does he preach about shed blood of Jesus being the only hope for redemption and reconciliation to God the Father?

If ever, it’s few and far between. Rather, he’s preaching about Goliath having your sword — a twisting of the Scriptures. He’s preaching the heresy of Sabellian modalism — that the Trinity “changes forms” rather than existing co-eternally — as their website statement of faith declares. He’s praising sex-traffickers and glad-handing the rank heretic, T.D. Jakes with cold, hard cash. And he’s made it clear that sound doctrine is a thing that really doesn’t matter in his church — because it’s all about self-motivation and the “experience,” not Jesus Christ.

Steven Furtick has built an empire around a false gospel and from that has emerged a false Jesus. His church steers people away from the living God and resurrected Jesus Christ and lures them into their movement of self-idolatry. Elevation Church is not of God, it is a Synagogue of Satan. Elevation Church is from the pits of Hell.


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