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Lauren “I Don’t Know if Homosexuality is a Sin” Daigle Dominates Christian Music Charts in 2019

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When the world is what you act like, then the world is what you will get. You may remember from about this time last year when Lauren Daigle — the “Christian” worship artist who says she no longer identifies as a Christian musician — told lesbian talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, that she couldn’t say for sure one way or the other if homosexuality is a sin.

It wasn’t long before she won multiple Dove awards, the most prestigious Christian music awards that are essentially the Christian version of the Grammys. It should come as no surprise then that Daigle dominated the Christian music charts for 2019.

Why? Because her music — and her audience — aren’t actually Christian.

According to Fox News, Spotify released the statistics for Christian music and Lauren Daigle’s hit song You Say not only broke the record for the longest-running Christian song in the No. 1 spot at 73 weeks straight but was also the most-streamed song of 2019.

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Other songs to top the charts are from the notoriously heretical and dangerous cults, Hillsong, Bethel, and Elevation. Hillsong is a prosperity gospel cult that makes its way into seemingly conservative and biblically sound churches through its semi-orthodox music and creeping its unsound doctrine into the minds of young people with what’s known as the Arian Snare — a technique used by the heretic, Arius, to attract people to his cult through ear-pleasing music.

Bethel is a cult that, for the most part, doesn’t even try to hide its heresy. They practice outright blasphemous things such as grave-sucking, false manifestations of the Holy Spirit, trying to raise people from the dead, and, of course, they preach the prosperity gospel. Again, their music is very seductive, but unlike Hillsong, they don’t spend as much effort trying to hide the heresy.

And finally, Elevation is just terrible. In fact, it’s a complete circus. With Steven Furtick prancing around on stage constantly preaching about himself — the term, “narcigesis” was coined to fit Steven Furtick as it literally means narcissistic exegesis. Furtick too preaches the prosperity gospel.

The reason these groups — including Lauren Daigle — topped the “Christian” music charts in 2019 isn’t that this music is actually Christian, it’s that it is pleasing to the world. When you fill music with sound doctrine and God-honoring reverent lyrics, it simply isn’t going to get the votes.

The music listed as the top 10 below should remind everyone of Jesus’ response to the money changers in the temple. The commercialized music industry is nothing more than a money-making scam designed to line the pockets of the organizations that these musicians come from. The current contemporary Christian music industry does not bring glory to God.

Top 10 Christian songs streamed on Spotify from Jan. 2019 to Jan. 2020.

  1. “You Say” – Lauren Daigle 
  2. “Reckless Love” – Cory Asbury 
  3. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” – Hillsong UNITED
  4.  “O Come to the Altar (Live)” – Elevation Worship
  5. “So Will I (100 Billion X)” – Hillsong UNITED 
  6. “Rescue” – Lauren Daigle 
  7. “Who You Say I Am – Live” – Hillsong Worship
  8. “Look Up Child” – Lauren Daigle 
  9. “Do It Again” – Elevation Worship 
  10. “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) – Live” – Hillsong UNITED


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