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Gay “Churches” Give Out Glitter Ashes For Ash Wednesday

by | Feb 27, 2020

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Despite the obvious associations of the Lenten season and its rituals with the blasphemous religion of Rome, it’s already bizarre enough that so many ecumenical “Protestants” feel it necessary to partake in such a thing nowhere found in such a thing. Lent — and its first day kicking off the season known as Ash Wednesday — are already unbiblical and these days probably better spent by Protestants teaching Roman Catholics to come out of the great harlot instead.

However, the mainline Protestants — who are by any discernable standard already apostate — have instead taken Ash Wednesday to new levels that even Rome has not seen. They’re not only putting ashes on the foreheads of people — as though there is anything significant in doing so — they’re putting rainbow glitter ashes on gays as a salute to the world to signify their opposition to God’s Word.

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A religious gay activist group called Parity sponsored the “Glitter Ash Wednesday” stating that “glitter is like love. It’s irresistible and irrepressible.”

“Glitter Ash Wednesday shows that despite the message of hate LGBT people hear from some religious people, there are many more who love LGBT people, welcome them to their churches, and affirm their spiritual gifts,” Marian Edmonds-Allen, Executive Director of Parity, the organizer of Glitter Ash Wednesday said according to Religion News.  “It is a way to ‘come out’ as an affirming Christian.”

Of course, “affirming” and “Christian” are two diametrically opposed terms when it comes to homosexuality and are two adjectives that cannot coexist peacefully. But that didn’t stop gays and Methodists, Episcopalians, and mainline Lutherans and Presbyterians from participating. They’ve already given up God’s Word — why not go all in for gay Ash Wednesday?

It would really be best if these synagogues of Satan would just stop calling themselves “Christian.”


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