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Protestants and Catholics to Celebrate Mass Together in Calvin’s Cathedral in Geneva on February 29

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Ecumenism is ripe and real and many apostate Protestant denominations and churches are headed right back to the harlot they were born from — Rome. On February 29 in Calvin’s Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland, Protestants and Catholics for the first time will celebrate mass together after the mass has been banned from the Cathedral for centuries.

The following was translated from protestinfo.ch.

For the first time since the Reformation, Catholics will celebrate a mass in Saint-Pierre cathedral.

In August 1535, the mass was abolished in Geneva after iconoclasts devastated Saint-Pierre cathedral by breaking statues and slashing images that were not in accordance with the newly reformed “cult.” Since then, no mass has taken place in the building, used for Protestant worship. A long dearth that will end on Saturday, February 29, 2020, with a mass celebrated, at 6.30 p.m., by Pascal Desthieux, episcopal vicar for the canton of Geneva.

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This unprecedented proposal from the Saint-Pierre-Fusterie Protestant parish was born following a “broken stick discussion” which followed an ecumenical ceremony. The idea then “matured” in the Parish Council, which voted for. “There was no opposition, which is significant. The idea appealed because it corresponds to our desire to make the cathedral a meeting place for all Geneva Christians. A space that transcends confessional boundaries, ”says Daniel Pilly, president of the Parish Council.

Two previous ones

If Roman Catholics have not celebrated alone in Saint-Pierre for almost 500 years, they have, however, already taken part in ecumenical ceremonies. For their part, the Lutherans were authorized to celebrate the confirmations of their catechumens there on Pentecost Sunday, the temple of the Madeleine where they traditionally officiated having had to close the time for asbestos removal work. The English have also come, for several years, to sing Christmas carols at the cathedral.

If Roman Catholics will be at their home in Saint-Pierre on February 29, this will also be the case for Protestants, who, like all Christians, will be welcome at this Mass and welcomed to communion. “This is nothing exceptional in Geneva. This is already practiced locally in many parishes during ecumenical celebrations where Protestants and Catholics invite each other to the Lord’s Supper and to communion, ”recalls Daniel Pilly.

Favorable and fertile climate

This invitation also stems from very good relationships, imprints of trust, established for several years with Pascal Desthieux. “It is a signal that the climate in Geneva is extremely favorable and fertile with the Roman Catholic Church. We have made notable progress in terms of ecumenism, in particular with the Joint Declaration, signed in 2017, which recognizes our respective ministries, ”specifies Emmanuel Fuchs, president of the Protestant Church in Geneva and also a pastor in Saint-Pierre. For Daniel Pilly as for Emmanuel Fuchs, even if the differences between Protestants and Catholics remain remarkable, what unites them is much more important. “It is a strong sign that we are giving by lending our cathedral, a will to open up, to make Church altogether, to carry the Gospel and to bear witness to our love of Christ. As Pope Francis said, ecumenism is achieved by walking. We try to walk together in the hope that when we have walked enough, the obstacles that seem to us today insurmountable will no longer be, ”concludes Emmanuel Fuchs.


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