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The ERLC’s Radical Catholic Animal Rights Activist Leaves Democrat Party Over Extreme Abortion Position

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Like the old saying goes, liberals gonna lib. No matter what, liberals are always liberals at heart, however, one Roman Catholic liberal, Charles Camosy, announced that after spending years trying to get Democrats elected into office, he’s leaving the party over their extreme abortion views.

Charles Camosy is a radical Roman Catholic animal rights activist who published a video last year at the ERLC calling factory farming “sinful” and equating animal life with human life. After backlash, the ERLC removed the video from their website and backtracked on their reasoning for publishing it, to begin with, calling it an “accident.” Yet, the ERLC took the time to platform the man anyways and record the video, knowing who he was and what he was about.

In one interview with the radical leftist animal rights activist, Camosy says it’s time to consider some animals as “persons” and then, in a weird way, refers to animals as “non-human animals.” Camosy is heavily promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC staff and heralded as a great leader in the social justice hijacked version of the “pro-life” movement.

In an article published at the New York Post, Camosy writes,

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I’m worried about climate change. I’m an outspoken vegetarian. I believe in welcoming refugees and immigrants. I oppose needless wars.

But the party gave me no choice. Yes, ours was a small group, but as many as a third of Democrats identify as pro-life. Even when party leadership finally met with us, they didn’t take us seriously.

When we showed them that pro-life Democrats would beat Republicans in certain districts, it didn’t matter. Even when we called for more reproductive choices for women with difficult pregnancies through services like perinatal hospice care, party leaders ignored us.

Anything even hinting that abortion is less than good now violates party orthodoxy.

Of course, we’ve been saying that for years. The Democrat party is in no way, shape, or form associated with the conservative values the Bible teaches. Interestingly, it took him this long to figure that out. We firmly believe that the vast majority of those in the Democrat party are not born-again believers in Christ, but false converts.

Of course, this is only one small step toward repentance from the ultimate pits of Hell on Earth, but Camosy still has a long way to go. Leaving the Democrat party isn’t going to get him saved, but it’s evidence that at the very least, he is seeing the truth that we’ve been trying to expose for so long. Hopefully, he will also reject his false religion and other liberal beliefs too.


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