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Charismatic Quacks are Excited About the Chief’s Super Bowl Win Because “Apostolic Prophecies” or Something

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Apostasy, News, The Church, Theology

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Bob Jones was a famous false prophet who was known in the circle of false prophets known as the “Kansas City Prophets” and was heavily involved in the Latter Rain movement. Jones is regarded by many in the extreme New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) charismatic movement as one of the most influential “prophets” of modern history.

Jones gave fantastic tales about talking to demons who threatened to kill him for sharing his prophecies and regularly prophesied about obvious things — like an increase in homosexuality, abortion, and drug use in the culture of the future.

For more on Bob Jones and why he’s a false prophet, see this article at Pirate Christian.

In recent weeks, one of Jones’ “prophecies” has garnered a lot of attention from the charismatic camp. Shawn Bolz — a famous cold reader and demon-worshiper — continues to tell of how Jones would always “prophesy” about a “great revival” following a Super Bowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs. And now that the Chiefs have won that Super Bowl, these charismatics are up-in-arms over it.

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Bolz writes on his Facebook page back on January 19,

Bob Jones had heard from God that the chiefs would go to the Super Bowl and win it. He shared that when they won it would be a sign of upcoming and end time revival.

He explained that God is raising up His chiefs to be apostolic leaders in many spheres of influence.

Today if you follow football you will see that the Chiefs have their first chance for 50 years as they are going to the Super Bowl! This could be the time! Let’s pray!

Of course, statistically speaking, with 32 NFL teams in existence today and 54 years of Super Bowl history, the Chiefs are bound to win one sooner or later. Can we get a grip?

So, naturally, after last night’s win, instead of being concerned about all the blasphemy and idolatry that took place during the world’s largest sporting event, Bolz — and charismatics like him — are “excited” about this “great revival” that Jones spoke of. Bolz, again, writes on his Facebook page after last night’s game,

I am not sure what it means when Bob Jones said “when the chiefs win the Super Bowl revival is going to break out but I sure am excited. We haven’t been able to find any recordings of him saying this but he said it often to us. He often prophesied about sports teams and prophetic symbolism. He said when the chiefs win God is raising up His apostolic chiefs around the nation and one time he said “nations”

And here, you can listen to another “prophet,” James Goll talk about it.

Well, I can tell you what it means. It means nothing — absolutely nothing. God did not send a sign through the Super Bowl game that a “great revival” is coming. It does actually mean one thing, though. It means Shawn Bolz is part of an evil and adulterous generation who seeks for a sign, but none will be given except for the sign of Jonah.

An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed.

Matthew 16:4

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