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Has the New Apostolic Reformation ‘Hijacked’ the White House?

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Apostasy, News, Politics, The Church, World

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by Churchwatcher

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Church Watch Central predicted that the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Apostles and Prophets would try to gain access to this ‘Christian’ President. Lance Wallnau and other ‘prophets and apostles’ have since labeled Trump as ‘Gods Chaos candidate’, proving the obvious nature and motivation of the NAR. What no one could have predicted was President Trump’s recent appointment of the self-proclaimed NARpostle (and notorious scam artist) Paula White to be his aide and ‘spiritual advisor’!

The outcome of this now sees the New Apostolic Reformation apparently fulfilling one of its ‘Seven Mountain’ mandates, having ‘dominion’ over the United States, primarily through the White House and the Oval Office (called ‘The Government/Law Mountain’).

With that particular ‘mountain’ claimed, we remind our readers that NAR Apostle Brian Houston had previously been the subject of much scrutiny regarding the Australian Prime Minister supposedly inviting him to the White House. Which brings us to ask why had a legitimate invitation been extended to Brian Houston – after his previous ‘denial of entry’ to the White House dinner with Prime Minister Scott Morrison?

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We offer the coverage of this latest event at the White House below.


On December 7, 2019 Brian Houston uploaded the following video to Instagram, stating:


Watch the video here:

[fvplayer id=”84″]

(Source: Brian Houston, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/B5vyOEJHCkT/, Published December 07, 2019) 


This latest White House invitation went out to certain individuals, in particular ‘worship leaders’ – all who appear to hold to dangerous cult theologies such as ‘restorationism and dominionism’, with the belief that the restoration of Apostles and Prophets has been restored to the Church. This ‘restored’ Order of end-time Apostles and Prophets are to take dominion over the nations and subdue them, ushering an end-times revival and Christ’s return. This very dangerous teaching is taught specifically within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a ‘spiritual’ cult where people like Brian Houston and Paula White hold the title of ‘Apostle’, relying on their ‘apostolic networks’ to bring about ‘influence and change’ in prominent places.

“The New Apostolic Reformation’s roots can be traced back to the New Order of the Latter Rain, a dominionist cult that declared that God was restoring Apostles and Prophets to govern his end-time church to judge and rule the nations. The NAR cult believes they are to influence Seven Mountains of society: Arts/Entertainment, Business/Finance, Church/Religion, Dissemination/Media, Education/Science-Tech, Family/Health, Government/Law. So it no surprise that a number of those that were invited are already recognised leading Apostles, Prophets or figures of this movement.” [Read more here]

What cannot be determined was the invitation’s source. Was it influenced by NAR Apostle Paula White or someone higher up within the Trump administration?

It’s interesting to note that it was Vice-President Mike Pence, a conservative evangelical, who appeared with the gathering of ‘worship leaders’, a man who describes himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

Nevertheless, the outcome of this ‘worship gathering’ are seen in the below posts across social media.

Vice-President Mike Pence may have been led to believe what he was witnessing were true Christians worshiping at the White House. Nothing was more further from the truth. In fact, this type of publicity (and apparent influence) is not what the Trump administration needs if they wish to maintain their integrity with mainstream discerning Christians.


Below is a Instagram video of the event shared by Sean Feucht, where it soon becomes evident that there’s no resemblance to orthodox Christian worship. Instead, what is on display are ‘Apostles and Prophets’ showcasing their unbiblical NAR manifestations (shouting, writhing, flinching, twisting, etc). This behaviour (and shouting) on their part is in line with their ‘dominionistic strategy’ to take over the Government Mountain and change the nation of America, through what is known as ‘Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare’, originally taught by the late Apostolic leader of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner.

[fvplayer id=”85″]

Sean Feucht is now a worship leader at Bethel Church, after joining the Bethel Music Collective in 2016. In addition he is a founder of the grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization Burn 24/7. It’s also important to note that Sean Feucht is now running for Congress. Feucht states:

“I’m doing this because I’ve been praying for so many years that God would bring revival and that he would bring an awakening to America, that government officials would be elected that would be righteous. But I think what happens is that you reach a point to where your prayers don’t carry a lot of weight unless there is action behind them. And that’s the place where I am right now.” [Source]

Worship leaders as politicians are not new, he points out.

“If you look at the life of King David, for example, he was a rancher and a farmer and then he was in the infantry and then he was a politician and he led an entire nation. And all through those phases and seasons of his life he never lost the heart of worship. That’s really my desire, to carry that heart into everything that we’re called to do.” [Source]

A good example of Feucht’s NAR ‘fanaticism’. In one Instagram post Sean boasts, “We were invited by this administration to worship inside the White House today.” The question is – by who?

Sean Feucht is also a recognised ‘Prophet’ of the NAR who was previously involved in the globally recognised and dangerous iHOP cult. To get an idea of how he fits within the New Apostolic Reformation, it is important people see how he previously  advertised both his events and himself on the ‘prophetic’ Elijah List NAR network:

COME READY TO GET LIT AFLAME WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF GOD’S LOVE! We will have two nights of going after God’s Presence through worship and prayer with Sean Feucht and Rick Pino. We will be asking God for dynamic breakthrough and revival across the Northeast! There will be times of strategic impartation and commissioning for university revivalists to take their college campuses for Jesus! THIS EVENT IS FREE!

*We will also be hosting a “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on Saturday from 10am-12pm and 1pm to 4pm with the goal of praying, strategizing, sharing our hearts and building authentic relationship among leaders on their university campuses for a beautiful convergence and move in the fall of 2010. All leaders are welcome…

SEAN FEUCHT is the founder and director of the Burn 24-7. He is a prophetic psalmist with a vision for planting Davidic houses of vertical worship and prayer and ?resting places? for God in cities and nations all over the earth. Sean has a passion to see people of all nations come into their destiny to release the sounds and fragrance of Heaven through night and day worship and prayer that will usher in the Presence of God transforming, block by block, city by city, region by region and nation by nation until all of the world burns with the Glory of God.

May 21-May 23
Also join us for a special “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on May 22nd (Saturday) two sessions 9am – noon and 1pm-4pm. All leaders are welcome!”

Source: Join Rick Pino and Sean Feucht, Elijah List, http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word/8711, Published Apr 29, 2010. (Accessed Dec 07, 2019.) [Archived]

And if you’re bemused by what Sean said his vision is, you would not be alone – discerning Christians do not recognise this language/doctrine/belief system as biblical.

“For planting Davidic houses of vertical worship and prayer and resting places for God in cities and nations all over the earth,”

However, as a ‘Prophet’ in the NAR, this is strategic level spiritual warfare (SLSW) talk.

Feucht explains that his ‘spiritual strategy is to,

“usher in the Presence of God transforming, block by block, city by city, region by region and nation by nation, until all the world burns with the Glory of God.” 

That declaration clearly describes the NAR dominionist mandate on how to literally ‘take over’ the world for Jesus to return. And to get an idea of what worship can look like in NAR churches, this is an example of the worship to expect with worship leaders like Rick Pino and Sean Feucht get together. (Yes, this is Rick Pino leading worship – and no, this is not satire.)

Another example – in 2018, Sean Feucht can be seen engaging in this NAR theology at the ‘Take The City’ event. Midway into this promo, you can see his arms outstretched on stage, flying like an airplane.

[fvplayer id=”86″]


As stated above, Sean Feucht is running for congress. So who will he seek endorsement from? Politicians? Social workers? True Christian pastors or New Apostolic Reformation Apostles? If the NAR, which major apostles are backing him?

The leading apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation, Che Ahn (and one of the three apostolic pillars of the global NAR movement), recently commended Sean Feucht on Twitter.

Apostle Bill Johnson (another of the three apostolic pillars of the NAR), also had no qualms standing with and promoting him for congress:


You will notice Sean Feucht’s ‘apostolic’ language – calling Bill and Beni Johnson ‘spiritual parents’. This is NAR code talk for ‘Apostle’, male apostles also being called ‘Papas’, ‘Pas’, “dads’ “spiritual fathers’; female apostles called ‘mamas’ or ‘spiritual mothers’.

Sean Feucht has publically made known whose final authority he submits to: his NAR Apostolic leaders at Bethel Church.



Sean Feucht staging his own worship moment at the White House here:


Other people noted ‘worshiping’ in the White House video – Relentless Church pastor, John Gray (formerly from Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church with John Osteen being the founding Apostle of the Lakewood cult, Osteen rising in prominence through the 1950s apostolic network known as the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI)). Obviously NARpostle Paula White can also be seen at the event. And of course, the worship leaders of Bethel were also present as seen in the video above.


It’s obvious that this White House event was all about NAR-related ‘strategic-level spiritual warfare’ – with Jenn Johnson’s claim to seeing “angels on assignment” giving the ultimate insight into their truly unbiblical ‘spiritual’ beliefs.

“Brian & I were invited to lead worship @ the #WhiteHouse yesterday! We attended a #FaithBriefing w/ other leaders & got to meet our president @realdonaldtrump & lay hands on him & pray!The presence of God was so strong in worship & prayer. We DECLARED some things.I saw angels on assignment! We heard from our Vice President @mikepence @ivankatrump & other staff members. Hearing them speak was exciting about the good that’s happening that you don’t hear about on bias media & heart breaking at the same time to hear of all they are fighting w/ #HumanTrafficing #ReligiousFreedom #Abortion #Communism & so much more. Sobering. This administration needs us. They need our prayer & they need grace. No one is perfect, ourselves included. They literally have the weight of the world on their shoulders. It’s detrimental to judge someone or think you know their heart. So pray. Pray for our president. Pray for the staff. Pray for Gods will to be done in our nation. Don’t criticize, mock & curse. Write your congressman & pray. That’s what changes things.(So glad our son @braden.tyler.johnson was with us for such an incredible moment.)@stephenjameshart”(Link)



Brian Houston also present as a recognised Apostle of the NAR. You can Sean Feucht endorsing and promoting Brian Houston after the event here:


“Tryna play it cool *but geeking out inside* with the boss, the big eagle @BrianCHouston at the White House yesterday. What an honor be with such incredible faith leaders!”

Regarding this tweet, people were calling out Sean Feucht’s appalling endorsement of Brian Houston:

“Glad to see you running interference for a man who protected a paedophile, told the victims to go away & is trying the same caper with police investigating him. You’re a sad example of a new generation’s leader standing with a peddo protector. Shame on you.”

“@seanfeucht @BrianCHouston adlı kullanıcılara yanıt olarak
Pedophile protector.”

“Nothing more inspiring than a guy worth millions who refuses to sign his church up to the Redress Scheme and protects his paedophile father by refusing to talk to the police! Praise money!!… I mean Jesus!!”

“Brian Houston knew that the founder of his church raped children and did not hand him over to police. He also blamed the victims for the rape & sent members of his church to harass them.”

“This isn’t #Christianity nor leadership of any kind in Christian sense.All who turn a blind eye to hypocrisy? It never ends well. Read your #Bible over protection of children & what happens to those who refute teaching. So sad, & your eagle..will fall. #FalseProphets,  always do.”

“Dude, he defended his father after he was caught with underage kids.”

“@seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
The man is a pedophile enabler
Tax religion
Tax cults”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
yes, Sean, God bless all the pedophile enablers.”

“Yeah, must be great to hang with a person who protects a paedophile and blames the victim.”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
It won’t do your image any good to be pictured with that pedophile protector. Just saying…”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
Who manages your media? Whomever it is ain’t doing their research…”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
Oh, NOW I get it. This is a parody account! You’re illustrating the worst of the worst of hypocritical pseudo-Christians like this guy who covered up his father’s pedophilia and is now pretending he has dementia so he can avoid responsibility.

AHAHA! Good job.”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
He. Protected. A. Child. Rapist.

He refused to answer police questions.

He refuses to sign Hillsong up to the National Redress Scheme for the victims of institutional abuse.

Dunno who YOUR God is mate, but I’m pretty certain he’s not mine.”

“กำลังตอบกลับถึง @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston

Stay away from Houston he is under investigation because it was it was revealed in a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he failed to report his father’s sexual abuse of children. He shouldn’t even left Australia, perhaps he ain’t coming back.”

“Replying to @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
The big eagle? Seriously? At best he’s a grifter preying on the credulous. At worst?”

“So the protecter of a child rapist “prayed” in the White House with you? What has this country come to? The separation of church and state is being challenged, by mysterious and loosely affiliated “church” businesses who are more political than pious. Time to revoke 501(c)(3).”

“Replying to @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
So you like hanging out with a guy who protected a paedophile. In the name of God.”

“Replying to @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
You are geeking out over hanging out with a paedophile defender?
That’s pretty bad man.”

“Svar til @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
Cool. Hanging with the Paedo enablers”

“Svar til @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
A paedophile enabling grifter who tried to blame the child.”

“En réponse à @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
Is this the guy who ran interference for a child molester? Better not follow those footsteps my dude.”

“En réponse à @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
You mean the Brian Houston who is still being investigated by NSW State police for concealing his father, pastor Frank Houston’s sexual abuse of children. That boss?”“En réponse à @seanfeucht @BrianCHouston
Milk it for all it’s worth
Greedy people suck”

A reminder – the 2014 Royal Commission report revealed this about Brian Houston:

  • Attempted to coverup, downplay and mislead/lied to his church about his father’s sexual abuse of children.
  • Attempted to downplay and mislead/lie to the denomination he led as Superintendent
  • Failed to report his father’s crime to the police (a criminal offense)
  • Failed to ensure victims received proper justice or support
  • Attempted to mislead the Australian and International media regarding his father’s sexual abuse of children. (Read evidence of timeline here)

Since being investigated by the Royal Commission in 2014, Brian Houston:

  • It is still to be investigated by police, as requested by the Royal Commission.
  • Still hasn’t acknowledged misleading the Royal Commission (any witness before a commission who gives testimony that is false or misleading in a material particular knowing it to be false or misleading, or not believing it to be true, is guilty of an indictable offense (Link).)
  • Still continues to mislead the Australian public, the Australian and International media regarding his father’s crimes.

Finally let’s not forget how president Trump’s aide and ‘spiritual advisor’, NARpostle Paula White, engages in ‘worship’, claiming and doing things ‘in the spirit’:

“You better believe I’m up there singing the name of Jesus,” she said. “You better believe I’m walking around those parameters saying, ‘I lift this up and I dedicate every ounce of this place as holy ground and I dedicate it by the superior blood of Jesus.’ And every door that God opens for me, I invoke the name of Jesus- I invoke the name of Jesus. I release angels right now and the Holy Spirit and walls of fire. I burn up every demonic altar in the name of Jesus and I call it to crumble and any assignment by any principality, power, darkness, and wickedness against this nation, against other nations, is coming down in the name of Jesus. Let it all fall down, let it crumble, by the fire of God, let it be burned right now. I erect the altar of God right now, I renounce every demonic spirit, I renounce every covenant made with Satan.” [Source]

Paula White” brags of using her access to the White House to declare it “holy ground” that is sanctified by “the superior blood of Jesus.”

Decreeing and declaring, shouting and manifesting – all unbiblical in its presentation. This ‘worship event’ at the White House was indeed fraudulent, with people claiming to be something they aren’t, deceiving White House authorities as to what their true ‘spiritual’ intentions really are.

“And (Jesus) said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honours me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me…” Mark 7:6-7

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