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Pro-Gay Feminist Episcopal Priestess Preaches at Prominent PCA Church in New York

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is the supposed "conservative" Presbyterian denomination as opposed to the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the flaming, godless, radical leftist...

Son of Former SBC President Comes Completely Out of the Closet, Admits He’s a Homosexual

We've all known for years that Jonathan Merritt, the son of the former Southern Baptist Convention president, James Merritt, was a flaming homosexual. And...

Men Who Cross Their Legs Like Homosexuals Lecture Church on Sexual Ethics at TGC Conference

The Gospel Coalition--which should be aptly renamed The Anti-Gospel Coalition as it has long departed traditional, historic, biblical Christian orthodoxy on matters of sexuality,...

ERLC Disinvites Sex Pervert From Conference Celebrating a Sex Pervert

Russell Moore, recently described the mischievous sexual behavior as demonstrating "that the pattern here was worse than what even those expecting the very worst...
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Not That Kind of Sexual Immorality: Gays Turn Their Backs on Ravi Zacharias

If you're unaware of the scandal involving the late Ravi Zacharias, who passed away last year after a long battle with cancer -- has been scrutinized...

Ravi Zacharias Sexual Misconduct Report Released, It’s Worse Than We Thought

The late Ravi Zacharias, who passed away last year after a long battle with cancer, has been scrutinized for several years by discerning Christians...

Reformation Charlotte Banned from Sub-Reddit for Not Being Woke Enough

The time has come for us to acknowledge that the Doctrines of Grace have been co-opted by Woke Religionists who, are as Spurgeon would...

Ravi Zacharias, Apologist, Dead at 74

On May 19, 2020, notable Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias lost his battle with cancer at the age of 74. https://twitter.com/RZIMhq/status/1262720733685395456 Zacharias' obituary reads: Ravi Zacharias, who...
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Apologist, Ravi Zacharias on Death Bed With Grim Outlook at 74

On May 8, Ravi Zacharias family announced that a tumor on the apologist's sacrum had metastasized and while the original tumor itself had shrunk, the metastatic cancer was not responding to treatment. His outlook was grim.

Anglican Church Launches LGBTI Chaplaincy Service to Make Church a “Safe Space for All”

The Anglican Church -- the apostate denomination of which The Gospel Coalition's Sam Allberry belongs -- has launched it's LGBTI Chaplaincy Service in an...
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