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Francis Chan Declines to Share the Gospel With Catholic, Says Holy Spirit Doesn’t Want Him To

There is no longer any doubt that Francis Chan has departed from biblical Christian evangelism as he regularly partners with rank heretics and apostates....

Francis Chan Removes Shoes, Catholic Priests Pray Over Him

It has long been known that Francis Chan has been on the wrong path for quite some time. We previously reported on Chan's association...

Beth Moore and Gay Activist Preston Sprinkle Defend Francis Chan

What do you get when you cross the Cows of Bashan with LifeWay's incessant need for cash? Beth Moore. Beth Moore has poured out...

The Fall of Francis Chan and Why He Should Be Avoided

You may wonder why I believe Francis Chan has fallen and needs to be avoided. Isn't he orthodox? Doesn't he preach the true gospel?...
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Rick Joyner Calls Deceased False Prophet Paul Cain Unrepentant, Drunk, Homosexual

Rick Joyner is a well known charismatic, New Apostolic Reformation β€œprophet” who has authored many books and the founder of Morningstar Ministries previously in...
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