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Beth Moore Calls John MacArthur a Misogynist

"Misogyny" and "Misogynist" are some of those attack words used by social justice warriors and leftists to attack people who refuse to jump on...

SBC President Mocks John MacArthur, Welcomes Beth Moore to His Home “Anytime”

Every once in a while -- very rarely -- I run a satirical piece on this site. This is not one of those times,...

Beth Moore Relentlessly Attacks Straight White Men on Social Media

Beth Moore hates men -- particularly, straight, white men. She has a habit of relentlessly attacking them, berating them, and talking down to and...

Beth Moore Diminishes Paul’s Apostolic Authority

Beth Moore, the Southern Baptist lady-preacher and Evangelical darling of LifeWay Stores, has been on a downward spiral since, well, ever since she began...
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Beth Moore Calls People Who Go to Bed on Saturday Nights For Church “Trolls”

Clearly, Beth Moore has lost her mind. For a woman who started out as a small group women's Bible study teacher, she sure has...

Beth Moore Once Again Overtly Ignores and Disobeys God’s Word

But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual...
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