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The Lauren Daigle Songs You Sing in Your Church Were Written by a Flaming Homosexual

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Perhaps your memory stretches back to 2018, when the acclaimed Christian musician, Lauren Daigle, found herself at the center of a maelstrom? Her notoriety was not merely the result of her “angelic voice,” but her intriguing venture onto the openly lesbian Ellen DeGeneres show. To discerning Christians, her appearance was nothing more than an ill-conceived attempt to curry favor with left-wing sympathizers—she simply dismissed the Scriptures to promote herself and her music.

Post her stint on the show, she was later interviewed by Domenick Nati at WAY-FM. During this conversation, she espoused a worldview that seemed to forget the distinction between obeying God and endorsing sin. “I think the second we start drawing lines around which people are able to be approached and which aren’t, we’ve already completely missed the heart of God,” she opined.

In what was a clear revelation of her own convictions, she painted Ellen DeGeneres in a positive light, describing her as a joyful, beautiful soul who should be spared judgment. And then, when asked to address the biblical perspective on the sinfulness of homosexuality, she responded with a troubling vagueness, “You know, I can’t honestly answer on that. I have too many people that I love that are homosexuals. I don’t know.”

Such a lukewarm response, from a strictly biblical standpoint, should have effectively invalidated her standing as a Christian artist. Yet, it seems the Evangelical industry has an insatiable hunger for filling seats and settling bills, often at the cost of diluting sacred convictions. The industry appears all too willing to overlook such equivocation, charmed by the siren’s call of her melodious music and mesmerizing voice.

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Fast-forward five years, and Daigle’s music still fills the atmosphere of most Evangelical churches around the world. And in her latest album, Thank God I Do, many of her songs are co-written by a flaming homosexual, Shane McAnally.

So who is Shane McAnally? Here is a headline from Taste of Country that will definitively answer that question.

McAnally is well-known within the Country Music industry as a song-writer. Yet, McAnally is a sodomite raising two children with his sodomite husband. After all, what could go wrong there? According to a 2017 Instagram post, writing:

5 years ago we were married on a beach in Mexico surrounded by the ones we love. While forever bound in our hearts, we were not legally bound by law because our government didn’t recognize our union at that time. Today, marriage certificate in hand, we stand with our two beautiful children as a modern American family and say “love is love.”

This is who is writing the Lauren Daigle songs that you’re singing in your church. Are you okay with this? Are you okay with your children being influenced by these people, their worldview, and their self-promoting compromise of biblical convictions? If so, keep on sending Lauren Daigle your tithe dollars.


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