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TGC Contributor Blames Buffalo Shooting on White Supremacy Sympathy in the Church

by | May 16, 2022

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After the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, at the Tops Supermarket killing several people, there has been no shortage of personal takes and opinions from Evangelicals trying to figure out what happened. According to the manifesto published by the shooter, it certainly appears that the attack was motivated by racism and a self-prescribed sense of White Supremacy.

And the Big Eva types, like Beth Moore, have already been up-in-arms decrying the “White Supremacy” that supposedly so permeates the world—and, which they claim, is perpetrated by the far-right conservatives—and have made their voices heard all over social media.

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The problem, though, is that this form of White Supremacy that continues to rear its head through these mass shootings always stems from anti-conservative, socialist views. And the shooter made it clear in his manifesto that he was not a conservative and considered himself to be in the “mild-moderate authoritarian left category,” and “would prefer to be called a populist.” He called conservatism “corporatism in disguise” and said that he “wanted no part of it.” Further, he made it clear that he was not a Christian.

Yet, the Big Eva leftists who spend all of their time railing against conservatives who believe the Bible and reject their idiotic notions that the right is racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc., want to blame these shootings on us anyway. Gavin Ortlund, son of leftist pastor, Ray Ortlund and a contributor to The Gospel Coalition and runs in Big Eva circles with the progressives, says that it can’t be assumed that the Church believes white supremacy to be evil.

What we say happen in Buffalo, NY was evil, and it could certainly be tied to a form of white supremacy. But let’s be clear; this form of White supremacy is perpetrated by those sympathetic to anti-conservative causes—like Gavin Ortlund’s and Beth Moore’s. In fact, this shooter’s worldview and belief system are far more congruent with that of people like Ortlund and Beth Moore, not conservatives.



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