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Baptist Blog Complains That Southern Baptist Seminary Uses Christian Law Firm to Defend Against Vaccine Mandates

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Education, News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, US | 0 comments

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Last week, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary joined with Asbury Seminary to file a lawsuit against the Joe Biden administration’s draconian vaccine mandate being implemented through OSHA. The two seminaries argue that the mandate is unconstitutional and threatens the freedom of conscience and religion against those who work at the seminary and Christians elsewhere.

Another so-called Baptist blog, Baptist News Global, is surprised to learn that the two Christian seminaries employed a Christian law firm, Alliance Defending Freedom, to represent them.

“Southern Seminary and Asbury Seminary work with noted anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ legal group,” the headline reads, “to claim federal vaccine mandate intrudes on ‘personal health decisions’”

Horrid, I know. I mean, what could these Christian seminaries be thinking by asking a law firm that shares their morality and worldview to represent them. But here’s the horrible part, I mean, really horrible–they were also Trump supporters.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a conservative law firm headed by Michael Farris, who also is a founder of Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College. Farris also played a key role in the effort to illegally overturn Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election. Farris and Alliance Defending Freedom are prominent in the conservative Christian battle against abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Let’s just be clear; the biblical position on both homosexuality and abortion is that these things are incompatible and inconsistent with Christianity. Of course, the Alliance Defending Freedom isn’t solely a Christian law firm; it does consist of Roman Catholics and other conservatives. But the overwhelming worldview held by the firm is consistent with biblical morality.

The only thing Baptist News Global should be concerned about is their continual and repeated mockery of God and His Word.

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