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The Concept of Mandatory Vaccinations is Rooted in Marxist Ideology and Denies Biblical Principles

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Economy`, Health, Politics, Religion, US | 0 comments

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At its very core, Marxism is built on the notion that the good of the collective should be paid more deference than that of the individual. Karl Marx believed that it was the role of the central government to enforce an economy that served and provided for the common good of society rather than to benefit the individual.

Marx’s ideology covers a broad range of societal regions from economy to education, even to health. The idea is to redistribute personal gain into the collective bucket of society so that the masses may benefit from it–even at the expense of a few individuals.

Economically speaking, this means the government forces those who earn higher wages from high-paying jobs to relinquish control–either through taxation or other means–of their wealth for the benefit of all people in society. The obvious problem with this is that it discourages hard work and innovation by stripping the reward from those who’ve put in the effort to make achievements in life.

This concept also applies to education. The idea is to create an educational system that, instead of promoting the advancement and achievement of the individual, is designed to produce equitable outcomes at the expense of those who put in more effort to achieve. This typically results in lowering education standards, which removes the motivation for higher achievers to work harder; again, it strips the reward for the effort.

But how does this apply to health, particularly, vaccinations? As we can see, those who are continually promoting the notion of mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, etc., are typically leftists who, by any discernable standard, are Marxist in their own ideology. The exact concept applies; the idea is to “redistribute” health for the benefit of the collective.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article isn’t to argue against–or in favor of–vaccinations. Rather, the purpose is to argue that the concept of mandatory vaccinations is Marxist.

The theory behind vaccines is not that it should provide 100 percent immunity against any given disease for which it is designed, but rather that it offers a significant level of protection to reach “herd immunity” within society. This, of course, is the idea of “collective health.”

We also know that vaccines are not 100 percent safe for everyone. While most people can take a vaccine and suffer no ill side effects, there are a few who will be harmed by them–even if only a small portion. But this is a small price to pay in the eyes of the Marxists pushing for mandatory vaccinations. To them, the benefit of the collective outweighs the safety and rights of the individual to determine for themselves.

From a biblical standpoint, however, this creates a problem. The Scriptures teach that each individual is valued, individually, because each individual is a reflection of God. All people are created in God’s image, therefore, it is ungodly to advocate for the discarding of a few individuals for the benefit of the collective.

Further, individual choice creates individual responsibility which, by default, always produces the benefit of the collective through advancement. While it may sound good on the surface to ask the governments of the world to enforce a mandatory vaccination program, as Christians, we should know that this is a denial of the individual image of God in all of us and, instead, creates an idolatrous collective image that we hold in higher regard.

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