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JD Hall to Teach ‘Wrecking Ball Course’ to Train Army of Conservative Christian Bloggers

by | Oct 16, 2020

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You might have heard the term, polemics. Before Pulpit & Pen, you probably didn’t. JD Hall told Tim Hurd on air at the Bible Thumping Wingnut four years ago he was going to popularize the term polemics and rebrand ‘discernment ministry.’ And indeed, he has. Polemics has taken evangelicalism by storm and rightly so…no time in recent Christian history has been in more need of basic discernment.

Hall’s work has been responsible for several news stories that were ranked at #1 world news on several occasions, and his reporting has been covered in everything from the New York Times to Newsweek, from CNN to the Today Show, from the UK Daily Mail to Maxim Magazine.

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Just a few days ago, Russell Moore complained on a podcast about “discernment bloggers” and alleged they all cheated on their wives because they’re “insecure.” JD Hall lives in his head – and many others – rent-free.

Whether it’s Jerry Falwell’s zipper-down controversy (Protestia was cited in Politico in their “breaking story”), Clayton Jennings’ predation (Pulpit & Pen was quoted in the Christian Post), the Boy Who Didn’t Come Back From Heaven (Hall wrecked Heaven Tourism for good), a Christian’s review of Deadpool (JD was quoted in Maxim), or the charlantry of Jonathan Cahn (JD was quoted in the New York Times), or a county government harassing out-of-towner regarding COVID-19 (the Montana Gazette was cited by Rush Limbaugh and Todd Starnes), JD knows how to get Christian media to have an impact in the legacy press and Mainstream Media.

Love him or hate him, JD Hall is a man with an impact. And he’s going to teach conservative Christian bloggers how to duplicate the ‘polemical style’ of writing – sometimes called guerilla journalism – that he created with Pulpit and Pen and later duplicated in other publications.

The goals are simple;

  • take a blog with zero readership and launch it into the stratosphere in three months; JD has done this twice in the last year
  • Climb from zero web-rank to under 50k in a month and from 50k to 5k in a year
  • overwhelm the enemy with a shot-blast of articles they can’t possibly refute in a timely fashion (because it takes more time to lie than tell truths)
  • write prolifically, and create content faster than most people can read it
  • learn agility and out-maneuver Big Tech censors by speed and craftiness
  • monetize your website with a variety of income streams so that you can be self-sufficient or – like Hall – hire writers to continue the task when you’re off saving the world in other ways…after all, we don’t have Dark Money donors like Soros and Riady to fund us like The Gospel Coalition
  • be bold, own the libs, and don’t give a care about what people think about it
  • How to put together a publishing team to free you up to live life while breaking things like a wrecking ball
  • If you don’t want to put together a team, learn how to be a one-man army

The four-hour course will teach all these things, and you will be the better for it. You can visit the course website and register here* and it will be hosted on October 24 at 12 noon (Mountain Time).

*DISCOUNTS: A limited number of Montana conservatives can register for free by emailing Jordan@GideonKnox.com and requesting a discount code. Additionally, a limited number of spots will be offered free via a scholarship to Christians already engaging in polemics ministry (instructions to receive the scholarship will be in the Facebook “Pulpit Bunker” or by emailing Talkback@PulpitandPen.org). Witness-Level patrons of Pulpit & Pen at Patreon will be able to attend the course for free also (that’s your cheapest route).


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